Mid-February, almost.

The kids have been laying on the guilt. Every so often, L will say, "Remember when Mom used to blog every day? I miss those days." And this afternoon, when I said I hadn't posted, L&K sighed in unison.

The Super Bowl was kinda fun, especially since I had the Saints. Texting Newt during the game was also fun.

Last night was the science fair at J's school. I learned that Duracell is still the best, California dressing stains are very hard to remove (not sure what California dressing is, unless she meant Catalina?), dogs who take the time to sniff treats prefer Milkbones, and mummified hot dogs have increased circumference and decreased weight.

I'm almost done the fourth book for Canada Reads. One more to go and I don't have a clear favourite yet.

I am disappointed by the lack of snow days this winter.

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And then you said

I agree with the kids. I miss your posts. I feel a little lost without them. I haven't been reading the books for Canada Reads this year. Am I seriously missing out? Our book club selection this month is "The Road" so I'm focusing on that since I've missed out on the last few book club meetings.
Hi to all, Yvonne

Posted by Yvonne on February 17, 2010 10:11 PM

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