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Fire, part 2.

I went downtown with L today and got a look at the fire damage from the other side. A big, gaping hole in the middle of the block. It's sad. And L tells me, from a reliable source, that they're probably going to have to tear down my favourite secondhand store too because it will cost too much to repair. I don't even want to think about that.

The grocery store, which is owned by a volunteer firefighter, is closed until further notice. The restoration crew worked late last night, and for most of today there were seven or eight of their vehicles parked on the street. They've taken down all of the ceiling tiles and they were hauling food out by the cartload and tossing it into dumpsters. I can't see much of what's going on inside because they've papered over the windows.

L also tells me that the other grocery store in town is going to take this store's dairy shipment for the week (or however long) and any money they make from selling it will be given back to the damaged store. I think that's pretty damn impressive.

That part of the street was not opened to traffic until late this afternoon. There are bits of debris on the streets and on the rooftops of other businesses. It made me glad that it's winter so that most of those rooftops were covered in snow.

The newscast that we were not able to see last night was put online today. In it, the reporter said road crews spotted flames shooting through the roof at 6am. This is absolutely not true. First, K went to school at 7am and she saw nothing. Second, who would spot a significant fire and not call it in until 7:30am? And ADMIT that they waited that long?

Posted by Ripley on January 13, 2010 | Tags: fire