Book log 2010.

Last updated: 8 January 2011

(C) Canadian author


Number of books: 73
Number of books by Canadian authors: 69
Number of authors: 64
Number of authors read for the first time: 52
Number of books from my library: 25
Number of books from the public library: 48
Number of audiobooks: 3
Number of graphic novels: 4


  1. Underground – June Hutton (public library) (C)
  2. Bitter, Sweet – Laura Best (public library) (C)
  3. Amphibian – Carla Gunn (public library) (C)
  4. Cape Breton Road – D.R. MacDonald (public library) (book club) (C)
  5. Red Snow – Michael Slade (public library) (C)
  6. The Jade Peony – Wayson Choy (public library) (Canada Reads 2010) (C)
  7. Rollback – Robert J. Sawyer (public library) (book club) (C)
  8. Fall on Your Knees – Ann-Marie MacDonald (my library) (Canada Reads 2010) (C)
  9. SpinCatherine McKenzie (my library) (C)
  10. Afterlands – Steven Heighton (public library) (book club) (C)
  11. Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life (Scott Pilgrim, Vol. 1) – Bryan Lee O'Malley (public library) (C)
  12. Toby: A Man – Todd Babiak (public library) (C)
  13. Half Broke Horses – Jeannette Walls (public library) (book club)
  14. Shelf Monkey – Corey Redekop (public library) (C)
  15. Still Life – Louise Penny (my library) (C)
  16. Dooley Takes the Fall – Norah McClintock (public library) (C)
  17. The World More Full of WeepingRobert J. Wiersema (public library) (C)
  18. The Blue CastleLM Montgomery (public library) (book club) (C)
  19. Waiting for ColumbusThomas Trofimuk (public library) (C)
  20. The Frozen Thames – Helen Humphreys (my library) (C)
  21. Home Schooling – Carol Windley (public library) (C)
  22. Queen's Court – Edward O. Phillips (public library) (C)
  23. The Middle Ground – Zoe Whittall (my library) (C)
  24. Folly – Marthe Jocelyn (my library) (C)
  25. A Prayer for Owen Meany – John Irving (public library) (book club)
  26. The Truth About Delilah Blue – Tish Cohen (my library) (C)
  27. The Barrio Kings – William Kowalski (public library) (C)
  28. The Spider Bites – Medora Sale (public library) (C)
  29. Love You to Death – Gail Bowen (public library) (C)
  30. Scaredy Squirrel – Melanie Watt (public library) (C)
  31. Scaredy Squirrel at Night – Melanie Watt (public library) (C)
  32. Scaredy Squirrel at the Beach – Melanie Watt (public library) (C)
  33. Chester – Melanie Watt (public library) (C)
  34. Chester's Back! – Melanie Watt (public library) (C)
  35. Chester's Masterpiece – Melanie Watt (public library) (C)
  36. In the Shadow of the Glacier – Vicki Delany (audiobook) (C)
  37. Essex County Volume 1: Tales from the Farm – Jeff Lemire (public library) (C)
  38. Essex County Volume 2: Ghost Stories – Jeff Lemire (public library) (C)
  39. Essex County Volume 3: The Country Nurse – Jeff Lemire (public library) (C)
  40. Edith's WarAndrew Smith (my library) (C)
  41. Green Grass, Running Water – Thomas King (my library) (book club) (C)
  42. Deeper Than the Dead – Tami Hoag (audiobook)
  43. Burning Down the House – Russell Wangersky (public library) (non-fiction) (C)
  44. Down to the Dirt – Joel Hynes (my library) (C)
  45. True Confessions of a Heartless Girl – Martha Brooks (my library) (C)
  46. The City ManHoward Akler (public library) (C)
  47. The Golden Spruce – John Vaillant (my library) (C)
  48. Running Toward Home – Betty Jane Hegerat (my library) (C)
  49. Midnight Cab – James W. Nichol (my library) (C)
  50. Garbo Laughs – Elizabeth Hay (my library) (C)
  51. An Adoration – Nancy Huston (my library) (C)
  52. Names of the Dead – Diane Schoemperlen (public library) (C)
  53. Any Known Blood – Lawrence Hill (public library) (book club) (C)
  54. The Several Lives of Orphan Jack – Sarah Ellis (public library) (C)
  55. Dust – Arthur Slade (my library) (C)
  56. Roads Unravelling – Kathy-Diane Leveille (my library) (C)
  57. Room – Emma Donoghue (my library) (C)
  58. Vengeance Road – Rick Mofina (my library) (C)
  59. Not My Daughter – Barbara Delinsky (public library) (book club)
  60. Kit's Law – Donna Morrissey (my library) (C)
  61. The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie – Alan Bradley (my library) (book club) (C)
  62. Plain Kate – Erin Bow (public library) (C)
  63. The Weed That Strings the Hangman's Bag – Alan Bradley (my library) (C)
  64. Zoom! – Robert Munsch (public library) (C)
  65. Hamish X and the Cheese Pirates – Sean Cullen (my library) (C)
  66. Too Close to Home – Linwood Barclay (public library) (audiobook) (C)
  67. Missed Her – Ivan E. Coyote(my library) (C)
  68. The Way It Works – William Kowalski (public library) (C)
  69. Zorgamazoo – Robert Paul Weston (public library) (C)
  70. A Porcupine in a Pine Tree – Helaine Becker (public library) (C)
  71. One Hockey Night – David Ward (public library) (C)
  72. Y in the Shadows – Karen Rivers (public library) (C)
  73. It's a Snap – Monica Kulling (public library) (C)

On hold

  • Boldface Names – Shinan Govani (my library) (C)

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