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02.01.10  Pain - People in this house complained that I didn't post yesterday. They said they were hoping that I'd be so used to it that I'd forget and write anyway. Yesterday, after I got up, I worked on the computer for a... (tags: life)

04.01.10  Meme: First lines 2009 - My year in review post is going to take some time to put together. So, for now, a meme. As seen on The Indextrious Reader. Take the first line of each month's post over the past year and see what... (tags: meme)

06.01.10  Book log 2010 - A running log of the books I've read in 2010. (tags: book log)

12.01.10  Fire - If you have a Flickr account, click on any photo to see it larger. They are MUCH more dramatic that way. The fire siren went off about 7:30am this morning. It woke me up but I didn't think too much... (tags: fire)

13.01.10  Fire, part 2 - I went downtown with L today and got a look at the fire damage from the other side. A big, gaping hole in the middle of the block. It's sad. And L tells me, from a reliable source, that they're... (tags: fire)

16.01.10  Shopping - We went for our annual gift card shopping trip today. It was a long day but everyone seemed happy with what they bought, including a bunch of new Wii games. Went out for dinner, too, which was nice. While we... (tags: shopping)

25.01.10  My birthday - I thought it was particularly rude of Mother Nature to make it rain hard enough that I had to give the kids a ride to school. I'm supposed to get a snow day on my birthday, dammit. We actually celebrated... (tags: birthday)