The Christmas party for Ice's work was tonight. After many years of holding this event at the local Legion, Ice's boss moved it to a golf club/inn/resort.

At the Legion, the food was good but very basic, pretty much what you would have at home, and it was brought to the tables. At the inn, the food was good with fancier choices and it was a buffet. I really like having the food brought to the table. I also really like having food that's a step up from home when I'm out. It would be nice if we could combine the two.

Also, there were a lot of people there tonight so it was crowded (very little elbow room) and quite warm.

We hung around longer than we usually do, partly because the boss spaced out the prize-giving and partly because Ice was in a social mood.

The inn offered a discount on rooms for the night. We didn't take them up on the offer, although many people did. Next year, if it's held in the same place, we might, too. It would have been nice to stay.

And, although it was quite cold, there were very few flurries in the air. Big difference from the white-knuckle drives we've had the last few years.

Posted by Ripley on December 05, 2009 | Tags: christmas