Today was L's 18th birthday. I know I say this all the time but... wow. I have been telling her all week that, when she misbehaves, I can't ground her now but I can kick her out! To which she pointed out that she can't even remember the last time she was grounded. Neither can I.

Here are some random things from the day she was born.

When I was six months pregnant with L, Ice's boss sent him to work on a job in a town four hours away. He was gone Monday to Friday and this made me rather anxious. But I was a good wife and went into labour on the weekend.

It was a long labour. I threw up twice. I pushed for a long time. A lot of that day is pretty much a blur. But, at exactly midnight (or maybe one second after), she was finally born. If only it had been New Year's Eve.

Now, I knew I was pregnant. I knew why I was in the hospital. But when the doctor placed her on my stomach, my very first thought was, "Oh my god. That's a BABY."

I stayed in the hospital for nearly a week because you could do that back then, especially in a small town. Ice's boss let him work on a local job so he was able to visit every day. But I came home on the Friday and on the Monday, he was sent back to the job four hours away. Sometimes I wonder how L and I survived that.

We picked her name because I had seen it on the back of a magazine, as the name of a Cover Girl model. We knew her full name (which starts with A, not L) would be shortened and we wanted to be the ones to decide what that shortened version would be. So we have been calling her L right from the beginning.

I knew people would have some trouble pronouncing the full version of her name correctly but it didn't occur to me that they would have trouble with the abbreviated version. To me, it was obvious. And while we tried to take into consideration what kind of nicknames people would come up with, I never imagined the one her friends would end up using most often. I guess I should have. It's a good thing she doesn't mind it.

Happy birthday, L!

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