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01.12.09  Canada Reads 2010 announcement - The Canada Reads contenders were announced this morning. 1. The Jade Peony by Wayson Choy 2. Good to a Fault by Marina Endicott 3. Generation X by Douglas Coupland 4. Nikolski by Nicolas Dickner 5. Fall on Your Knees by... (tags: books, canada reads)

02.12.09  Familiar - I told L that when she goes away to school I'm going to get a laptop with a webcam and Skype. Then every day at around 3:20pm, I'm going to put it on the chair in my office and wait... (tags: life)

03.12.09  Two places at the same time - K's Christmas concert was at the high school tonight. I saw most of it and she did a great job. Right in the middle of the concert though, I had to go to J's parent-teacher interview (bad planning on my... (tags: life)

04.12.09  Parade #2 - The parade in this town was much like the one we went to last week. Except it was much colder. And there were some people selling cotton candy. Who wants to eat cotton candy when you're wearing mittens? Also, the... (tags: christmas)

05.12.09  Party - The Christmas party for Ice's work was tonight. After many years of holding this event at the local Legion, Ice's boss moved it to a golf club/inn/resort. At the Legion, the food was good but very basic, pretty much what... (tags: christmas)

06.12.09  About time - We did some Christmas shopping today! Our actual purpose was to get L's birthday present but we saw some things that we needed so we picked them up. We also bought something that surprised both of us, a family present... (tags: life)

07.12.09  Pending - I could go on and on about the weather (cold, snowy, storm on the way) or about how J's throat is sore again or I could post this, which I think is more interesting: Canadian Recording Industry Faces $6 Billion... (tags: music)

08.12.09  Unusual - If tomorrow is a snow day, L will be very very disappointed. So, as much as I'd like to sleep in, I'm hoping it's not. We still haven't decided what we should do on Christmas Eve if we don't go... (tags: life)

09.12.09  L - Today was L's 18th birthday. I know I say this all the time but... wow. I have been telling her all week that, when she misbehaves, I can't ground her now but I can kick her out! To which she... (tags: birthday, l)

10.12.09  Yesterday was snow day #1 (2009-10) - Nobody was really sure why it was a snow day, although I'm guessing the roads were a mess early in the morning. The rest of the day, it just rained. L was disappointed because she claims her birthday rarely falls... (tags: snow day)

11.12.09  Snow day #2 (2009-10) - We celebrated L's birthday as a family tonight, since Ice wasn't home on Wednesday. She got to pick what we had for supper (fettucine alfredo) and blew out candles and opened presents. T was supposed to be here but, yet... (tags: birthday, snow day)

12.12.09  Progress - Ice and I went Christmas shopping today. Still not done but we're getting there. Watching Ice take a swig of Buckley's cough medicine was kinda entertaining. Plus, I think it made him high because he was willing to keep shopping... (tags: birthday, christmas)

13.12.09  Over - The season ender of Dexter was like a punch in the gut. Well done, TV people. I have two books done for Canada Reads. Three more to go! I finally have an idea for what we can do on Christmas... (tags: life)

14.12.09  Frustrating - Why the hell is this still happening? Why James Chartrand Wears Women's Underpants Taking a man's name opened up a new world. It helped me earn double and triple the income of my true name, with the same work and... (tags: life)

15.12.09  Wrapping - I wrapped Christmas presents this afternoon and put them under the tree. Nobody noticed. I also watched a crappy movie while I wrapped. It's kinda my own Christmas tradition.... (tags: christmas)

16.12.09  Christmas concert #2 - Tonight was the Christmas concert at J's school. Although the concert is actually for grades K-4, J's band and his drama club also performed. Everyone did a good job and the little kids were as cute as always. What I... (tags: christmas)

17.12.09  Free - Vanguard Records is offering up a free holiday sampler with artists such as Serena Ryder, Joe Purdy, Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers, and (my favourite) Josh Ritter. They are not Christmas songs (maybe one is, I can't remember right now)... (tags: books, music)

18.12.09  Almost - Ice and I spent the afternoon shopping. There were two things we couldn't find, which Ice is going to look for when he returns to the city, but other than that and a few stocking stuffers, we're pretty much done... (tags: christmas)

19.12.09  Restored - The other night I thought I would sync my iPod Touch because I hadn't done it in a while. When I connected it, I was prompted to update the software (which I had been putting off) so I said ok.... (tags: life)

20.12.09  Closer - Went shopping yet again. Got Ice's presents this time, which turned out to be harder than I thought it would be. For some reason, I couldn't take two steps today without forgetting what I was looking for. It's a good... (tags: christmas)

21.12.09  Girls' night - L took her practice G2 this afternoon and passed. She was relieved, I think. K came home from work and said, "It's snowing! And it's really cold! Can I have ice cream?" J is spending the night at his friend's... (tags: life)

22.12.09  Building - This afternoon I went shopping (locally) with the girls. Bought stocking stuffers for them and Ice and even myself. Tonight I wrapped presents. It took four episodes of The West Wing and one episode of Criminal Minds (all on DVD)... (tags: christmas)

23.12.09  Christmas Eve Eve - Ice was home at 5:30pm today. Just like a regular husband. He works a half day tomorrow and then he's done 'til Tuesday. Yay! 8... (tags: life)

24.12.09  Christmas Eve - It was really weird not having to worry about the weather and rush through supper and hurry off to church. For the first time in years, we could just stay home. We had fondue (and Caesar salad) for supper which... (tags: christmas)

25.12.09  Merry Christmas! - We had a great day. Everyone loved their presents (me included) and the food was yummy. The weather, on the other hand, was horrible — rainy and windy. Not that it mattered a whole lot since we didn't have to... (tags: christmas)

26.12.09  Boxing Day - Our annual movie night. We watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Julie & Julia, My Sister's Keeper, and Terminator: Salvation. We watched Star Trek last night. Ice's sister dropped by this afternoon for a quick visit and to... (tags: christmas)

27.12.09  Last Sunday of the year - Another quiet day at home. Played with Christmas presents, watched movies, the girls made dinner. I have to get serious about crossing things off my ToDo list, starting tomorrow. 4... (tags: life)

28.12.09  Book club night - Really stormy day. L went to a birthday party and is staying overnight, partly because of the weather. K had to work and I had book club so Ice gave us a ride to the library (since he was headed... (tags: book club)

29.12.09  Links - DJ Earworm has posted his 2009 mashup of the top 25 Billboard hits. The long longlist for the National Post's impromptu Canada Also Reads competition is up. McNally Robinson is closing two of their four stores. It's interesting that the... (tags: books, links, music)

30.12.09  New Year's Eve Eve - I played on the Wii for a bit today. I now understand the sore shoulder thing. The spammers were hitting my blog hard all day. I had to close comments on a post much earlier than I usually would. My... (tags: life)

31.12.09  New Year's Eve - L had plans to go to a party tonight but it was cancelled so she (and T) spent New Year's Eve with us for the first time in several years. J was invited to a friend's house for the night... (tags: new years eve)