K's high school band was in the Santa Claus parade in a neighbouring town tonight. Since J is still sick, Ice stayed home with him while I took K and L&T.

We had to be there an hour early so, after dropping K off, L&T went and did whatever and I went shopping. Last year, I found a secondhand/consignment shop that had a good selection of books so I headed straight there. Found a few more books to add to my collection and, oddly enough, the woman who runs the place remembered me from last year.

The parade was the usual small town stuff: local bands, dance groups, fair queens, tractors, etc. It lasted about an hour which I thought was good (makes it seem worth the trip) but which L thought was too long since she was cold.

And yes, it was cold but not nearly as cold as last year and there was no blinding snow to drive through on the way home which was a huge bonus. To me, anyway.

Posted by Ripley on November 27, 2009 | Tags: christmas