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Today was our 22nd wedding anniversary and to celebrate, we went to a really nice restaurant in a nearby village. Neither of us had been there before but the place has a good reputation (and looks really nice from the outside) so we thought this would be a good excuse to check it out.

The food was great. We both had Caesar salad to start, then Ice had salmon and I had steak, and we finished with flourless chocolate cake (Ice) and date pudding (me). Everything was really really good and presented beautifully.

We also ended up with two bottles of wine. We ordered the cabernet merlot but the waiter brought a chardonnay instead (same winery). Since he'd already opened and poured it before he realized his mistake, he gave us the white for free and also brought us the red. Ice told him that we would just stick with the white, that we couldn't do two bottles since he was driving, but the waiter wouldn't hear of it and I may have pointed out that *I* wasn't driving.

We talked non-stop through dinner (wine makes me verbose), then went for a walk and sat on a bench for a while before heading home. It was a beautiful night, weather-wise, plus I kinda needed the fresh air after drinking all of that wine. I may have been a little tipsy.

Happy anniversary, Ice! Here's to many many many more!

Posted by Ripley on November 14, 2009 | Tags: anniversary

And then you said

same to you

Posted by ice on November 15, 2009 8:24 AM

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