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01.11.09  A Sunday - Went shopping again today but still couldn't find everything we needed. We're running out of time. Busy, busy week ahead.... (tags: life)

02.11.09  Steps - The library and the health unit are having a competition to see which group of employees walk the most in a week. So K is wearing a pedometer. Which she checks often. I was cleaning this afternoon and didn't notice... (tags: life)

03.11.09  Whatever - Check out this map of the torch relay route. If you zoom in just a little bit on southwestern Ontario, there is a rather noticeable area that is going to be missed completely. One entire county, in fact, and, from... (tags: olympics)

04.11.09  Transformation - I'm busy stressing over the fact that we're having Christmas here on Saturday so watch this video of an awesome Halloween costume (just over 1 minute). A friend of my son said, "I want!" followed by "That's a painted Optimus... (tags: halloween)

05.11.09  Music Fest - Tonight, we attended Music Fest at the high school. K's band, along with four other bands from schools in the area, each played two pieces of music and then they joined together in a massed band for three more. It... (tags: music, school)

06.11.09  The day before - Finished up the last of the shopping today. Went out for lunch. Put up the tree and decorated it. Cleaned. Wrapped presents. I don't know if we've done everything or not. Guess I'll find out tomorrow.... (tags: christmas)

07.11.09  Christmas #1 - Second day in a row that I haven't turned my laptop on until after 1am. It's a good thing I have my iPod Touch to keep the jitters under control. Today went really well. The turkey was perfect, thanks to... (tags: christmas)

08.11.09  Relax - Last night, I said that everyone should just veg today. Which is pretty much what happened. Some napping, lots of staring at the TV, leftovers for dinner. Just what the day after Christmas should be like.... (tags: life)

09.11.09  H1N1 - The kids and I got our H1N1 shots today. This was the first day they were giving the shots to the general public — the only day in this town — so I was little concerned about how long we'd... (tags: life)

10.11.09  Giller - Big surprise that Linden MacIntyre won the Giller Prize. I haven't read any of the books yet but, based on what others were saying, he was not one of the favourites. He seemed genuinely surprised, which was cool. My arm... (tags: books, life)

11.11.09  Damn cat - Stevie is slowly dismantling the garland on my stairs. I find pine cones and other bits and pieces spread throughout the house and today she took down part of the ribbon. I figure it won't be long until she hits... (tags: stevie)

12.11.09  Good things - Doing a little happy dance because the kids have tomorrow off school *and* Ice came home tonight. (more of a twitter update than a blog post but whatever)... (tags: life)

13.11.09  PA day - L went shopping with my parents for her birthday (which is next month), J had friends over last night and today, K had a friend over for the afternoon. I used to have a social life like that. Everyone around... (tags: life)

14.11.09  22 - Today was our 22nd wedding anniversary and to celebrate, we went to a really nice restaurant in a nearby village. Neither of us had been there before but the place has a good reputation (and looks really nice from the... (tags: anniversary)

15.11.09  Again - K is sick. I'm thinking this is going to be a long winter.... (tags: life)

16.11.09  Kinda distracted - K is still sick. She was quite upset when she went to bed because one of her friends told her that a teacher was angry about a project that she hasn't had a chance to start. It's not due till... (tags: school)

17.11.09  Uncle Ken - My dad's brother died on Friday night. He had been in the hospital in recent weeks and wasn't happy about it. Still, his death came a little sooner than we expected. My uncle stopped talking to my father shortly after... (tags: family)

18.11.09  Yesterday - K is still sick and I was growing concerned about strep throat because so many of her symptoms matched L's when she had it. Before I left for the funeral yesterday, I called the clinic to see if I could... (tags: health)

19.11.09  Couch potatoes, kinda - Spent the afternoon watching episodes of The OC with K. Ice came home. Aaaaannnd that's about it.... (tags: life)

20.11.09  Again again - Ice got his H1N1 shot today. Might be too late though because I think I've caught it from K.... (tags: life)

21.11.09  Last Stop Sunnyside by Pat Capponi - A resident of a rooming house is murdered and her housemates set out to solve the crime. The first book in the Dana Leoni series. I liked the book a lot and appreciated Capponi's original band of detectives. Full... (tags: book review)

22.11.09  Boring - I miss the days when the American Music Awards were edgy and kinda wild and half the winners were drunk or high and you never knew what people were going to say. They were fun then. I have my doubts... (tags: life, music)

23.11.09  Finally - K went back to school today. Seeing her friends again did wonders for her but she has a lot of stuff to catch up on.... (tags: life)

24.11.09  Planning - The girls made nachos tonight. They're very good at it. At dinner, the kids pointed out that none of them will be in the Christmas play at the church this year. We've been going to that on Christmas Eve for... (tags: life)

25.11.09  Getting old - Toward the end of the summer, I started having some trouble with my hip. There wasn't much pain involved but it was similar enough to what happens to my shoulder that it upset me quite a lot. Three things bothered... (tags: life)

26.11.09  Zapped - I had the x-rays done this afternoon. The positions were a little awkward but otherwise it was no big deal. Won't know anything until sometime next week. I'll say one thing for the healthcare in this town: they're very efficient.... (tags: life)

27.11.09  Parade - K's high school band was in the Santa Claus parade in a neighbouring town tonight. Since J is still sick, Ice stayed home with him while I took K and L&T. We had to be there an hour early so,... (tags: christmas)

28.11.09  Christmas #2 - My sister-in-law was hosting this year which turned out to be a really good thing since J and I ended up staying home. He was not feeling all that great and I didn't want to spread this stupid bug around.... (tags: christmas)

29.11.09  Grey Cup - Ice took Saskatchewan so I had to take Montreal. The first half of the game was, I thought, a little boring. The second half improved and then the finish? Wow. I felt kinda bad but Saskatchewan lost the game all... (tags: sports)

30.11.09  It's snowing! - K was the only one of my children to go to school today. Book club tonight. There were only six people (and only three had read the entire book) but the discussion was interesting. The backyard is completely white for... (tags: life)