Online shopping.

On Sunday night, I ordered some things from Amazon that I needed for my upcoming family Christmas. The estimated delivery date for the free shipping option looked ok so I went with that. Late Monday, after I got off the couch, I checked my email and the notification was there that the order had shipped.

Good, so far. Except....

For some reason, they'd sent the order via UPS. Everything I have ever gotten from Amazon has come via Canada Post and all they had on file was my post office box number, not my street address.

And the estimated delivery date had changed to three days after I was going to need it.

On Tuesday, I checked again and the package had already made it to the nearest depot. They'd sent it out for delivery and it had been returned with an incorrect address.

The last thing I needed this week was to have to drive to the city to pick it up.

So I called. It took two phone calls but eventually I got the right address to them and the package was delivered this morning.

I am impressed with the speed. And I have added my street address to my Amazon account.

Posted by Ripley on October 28, 2009 | Tags: amazon, shopping, xmas