I had to go to the school for a meeting about J's IEP and I let him come along for the first time. He's always been curious about what is said during these meetings and now he knows that they're not all that exciting. Well... they're not that exciting anymore. There have been meetings in the past that upset me quite a lot.

Anyway, everything is going well. There were some changes due to the fact that he's too old for the gifted withdrawal program but nothing earth-shattering. His classroom teacher was also there and he didn't have any concerns.

I was kinda thrown for a minute when she started talking about next year and how someone from the high school would be attending the meeting. I keep forgetting that J is that close to being done public school.

Also, L finished driver's ed today, the classroom part of it anyway. She was very happy about that. We're not sure how long she'll have to wait to find out how she did.

Posted by Ripley on October 08, 2009 | Tags: school