Burnard and Buchanan.

I took K to her first author reading tonight. We went to see Bonnie Burnard (Suddenly) and Cathy Marie Buchanan (The Day the Falls Stood Still). Buchanan talked about the true historical aspects of her book, among other things, and Burnard talked about everything from how middle age is treating her to arts cuts. Both were really interesting. The goodies were also quite tasty.

On the way there, it was raining. We were driving through a wooded section when a deer ran across the road in front of us and stopped in the middle of the other lane. I was worried it was going to turn around but it continued into the trees. Still, it brought back memories of a nightmarish drive through northern Wisconsin and Michigan many years ago and I was more than a little nervous on the drive home.

I will hopefully be putting a more detailed report of the readings on the other blog.

Posted by Ripley on October 06, 2009 | Tags: books, reading