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01.10.09  October? - J got stung by a bee today. It really hurt apparently, but didn't swell like it did when he was six. It's getting really cold in the house but I don't want to turn the heat on yet. :( October... (tags: life)

02.10.09  Two - I turned the heat on today. Reluctantly. The other night at dinner, L said something about Ice "coming over" this weekend. I think he's been out of town too long.... (tags: life)

03.10.09  Also two - I slept through another storm this morning. It felt like Sunday all day. And that's all I've got.... (tags: life)

04.10.09  Not so quick - Ice said he needed to go to the next town over to pick up something. When L mentioned that she didn't have anything to wear for her commencement this Friday, I said she should come along, too. Got what Ice... (tags: shopping)

05.10.09  Health check - J stayed home from school today. He was stuffy and had a headache and felt like crap. Then Ice called and said he felt like crap, too. Me, I have a sore muscle in my back, right beside my shoulder... (tags: life)

06.10.09  Burnard and Buchanan - I took K to her first author reading tonight. We went to see Bonnie Burnard (Suddenly) and Cathy Marie Buchanan (The Day the Falls Stood Still). Buchanan talked about the true historical aspects of her book, among other things, and... (tags: books, reading)

07.10.09  Too bad they're wax - At the grocery store on the weekend, they had a Thanksgiving display and on the table were a bunch of candles. I picked up a vanilla one to smell it and then one of the brown ones. Oh my god.... (tags: life)

08.10.09  Meeting - I had to go to the school for a meeting about J's IEP and I let him come along for the first time. He's always been curious about what is said during these meetings and now he knows that they're... (tags: school)

09.10.09  Commencement - Tonight was L's high school graduation ceremony. She received an award for math as well as the Ontario Scholar designation. The ceremony was about 2 hours long. Both sets of grandparents were there and the school's concert band, which K... (tags: l, school)

10.10.09  BSG - We did a bit of a marathon tonight and finished watching Battlestar Galactica. There were things I wasn't crazy about but, overall, it was a dark, interesting, and often surprising series.... (tags: tv)

11.10.09  Hung - I've watched a lot of TV this weekend. Last night, it was however many episodes of BSG (6? 8?) and tonight, it was the first 5 episodes of Hung (after our regular Sunday night shows). I've been really curious about... (tags: tv)

12.10.09  Thanksgiving - We spent the day with my parents and my brother and his family. Ate too much as usual, talked a lot, and watched some videos of past Christmases. Late in the day, something I drank didn't agree with me so... (tags: family, holidays, thanksgiving)

13.10.09  umm.... - Both my mother and my mother-in-law called today. The girls decided that Rick Mercer would be an embarrassing dad but an awesome uncle. All but one of the photos I took at L's commencement are blurry. Maybe two.... (tags: life)

14.10.09  I could do that - I took J to see the nurse-practitioner this morning. She said everything looked good and to just treat any symptoms if they arise. She wasn't sure how long before it completely clears up so do you know what she did?... (tags: life)

15.10.09  Don't breathe - The power went off early this afternoon for about ten minutes. When the kids came home, they said it was off at both schools, too. Then it went off three more times! I don't know what the hell was going... (tags: life)

16.10.09  Brrrr - K survived the music retreat, even though they slept in unheated cabins. She had lots of stories to tell when she got home and I'm sure she'll remember a few more as the weekend goes on. Oh, and she said... (tags: band, k)

17.10.09  Date night - Ice and I went out for dinner tonight. We had planned to go to a specific restaurant but it was full (who would have thought you'd need a reservation in October for a restaurant in a summer resort town?) so... (tags: life)

18.10.09  Visit - Years ago, before L was born, a couple of Ice's co-workers boarded with us during the week. The job they were working on was close, their houses weren't, so it made sense. Having them there wasn't always easy but it... (tags: life)

19.10.09  Not a good start - Everyone slept in this morning. It was not a good way to start off the week. K is coughing and not feeling all that great. I may keep her home from school tomorrow. This DNS issue with my ISP is... (tags: life)

20.10.09  It's Tuesday - K went to school because she thought she was feeling better this morning. Partway through the day, she decided maybe she wasn't. I don't know what'll happen tomorrow. J stepped on his sunglasses and broke them. He was quite upset... (tags: life)

21.10.09  Just a cold - K stayed home from school today. She slept 'til 11am and I think she felt somewhat better after that.... (tags: life)

22.10.09  One up, one down - K is feeling much better. Still coughing but also dancing around the house. However, J is now sick. He wanted to go to bed at 7pm. I wonder who's next.... (tags: life)

23.10.09  And so it goes - J stayed home today. When I called the school, they wanted to know his symptoms so they could report to the health unit. I don't feel 100% but I can't pinpoint what's wrong. Lack of sleep probably and this stupid... (tags: life)

24.10.09  Presents - Ice and I went shopping today. We're having Christmas with my family in two weeks so we wanted to get as much as possible today. Unfortunately, it was an unsuccessful trip. We didn't find anything we were looking for, although... (tags: xmas)

25.10.09  The book is Haunted - This afternoon Ice and I went to another author reading, this time with Barbara Haworth-Attard. She was very interesting and talked about things like how she researches her historical books and how much non-writing work is involved with being an... (tags: books, reading)

26.10.09  My turn - Spent the day on the couch after not sleeping well. The fever broke early in the afternoon but I still feel like crap. I kept J home today just to be safe but I think he'll be fine to go... (tags: life)

27.10.09  Staggered - This morning, K left for school at 7am, J at 7:45am, and L at 10am. On Friday, J has to be at school by 6:50am. That should be fun. I still feel like crap, although slightly better than yesterday.... (tags: life)

28.10.09  Online shopping - On Sunday night, I ordered some things from Amazon that I needed for my upcoming family Christmas. The estimated delivery date for the free shipping option looked ok so I went with that. Late Monday, after I got off the... (tags: amazon, shopping, xmas)

29.10.09  Field trips - K went to Toronto with her music class today to see a concert. The Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra, I believe. She said it was good. Tomorrow, J is going on an adventure challenge thingy which is completely outdoors. And it's... (tags: life)

30.10.09  All Hallows' Eve Eve - J had a good time on his field trip. There was a set of indoor activities and that's where he was through the worst of the rain. I had been quite anxious all day so I was relieved to hear... (tags: life)

31.10.09  Halloween - We had two trick-or-treaters come to the door. That's it. J didn't go out this year. He thought it would be pointless since he can't eat any of the candy. Instead, he went to a friend's house for the night.... (tags: life)