On the other hand.

The four of us set off to the library tonight but the girls didn't make it past the driveway before they got talked into playing baseball. So J and I went on our own.

It was Wii night so J played that for two hours while I helped the librarian rearrange and sort some of the sale tables. She told me I could take whatever I wanted as thanks but I restrained myself and only took nine*. Believe me, there were many more that I would like to have but I thought I should give others a chance at them. Hopefully, I'll get there in time to pick them up on Saturday.

And I do intend to give a donation for ALL of the books, despite the librarian's protests.

* Six novels, one Canadian Living cookbook (love those), and the two volume hardcover set, Canada: A People's History (yay!).

Posted by Ripley on September 17, 2009 | Tags: books