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01.09.09  Back to school - The kids survived the first day of school. J seems to like his teacher, L only has two classes, and K thought at least one of her teachers was funny. The girls were only home for an hour before they... (tags: school)

02.09.09  Tattooed woman - The book I've been reading has generated a lot of interest in this house based on the cover alone. Both Ice and L want to read it so neither one would let me talk about it. Kinda frustrating, really. I... (tags: books)

03.09.09  School stuff - When I was filling out all the paperwork for the kids for school, it was weird to have a name and phone number to put under Family Doctor. The girls had their school pictures done today. I know they need... (tags: school)

04.09.09  Long weekend - It does not feel like Labour Day weekend to me. I'm glad the weather is going to be nice though. I survived yesterday on about 3 hours of sleep. No idea how. Coach House Books has a sale on. Buy... (tags: life)

05.09.09  Shopping and visiting - The girls had rehearsal from 10am to 9pm today so Ice, J, & I went shopping. We bought L's graduation present finally and although she hasn't had much (or any) time to play with it, I think it's safe to... (tags: life)

06.09.09  Quiet Sunday - The girls had the day off but they're both still tired. In fact, K is so tired that she put her iPod through the washing machine again. It's currently buried in rice so we'll see if it survives a second... (tags: kids)

07.09.09  Labour Day - Just a quiet day spent at home. Read outside for a bit; Ice barbecued steak; watched some of the Star Trek marathon on Space; girls had rehearsal from 1pm to 9pm. It was a lovely long weekend. For some of... (tags: life)

08.09.09  House Hold - Tonight was the premiere of the Young Company's play, House Hold. In contrast to previous years, this one was more traditional with a straightforward plot and characters. I can't say a lot about it because Ice won't get to see... (tags: theatre, yoco)

09.09.09  2nd night - The girls said the audience was smaller tonight and the cast's energy level was lower. L said it has been that way on the second night ever since she's being doing these plays. I think it's understandable, given the excitement... (tags: theatre, yoco)

10.09.09  3rd night - The play went really well tonight. The girls said that there were a bunch of theatre people there (actors, directors, etc.) and that they laughed loudly and often. Last year on the 3rd night, a class of drama students were... (tags: theatre, yoco)

11.09.09  4th night - Eleven family members attended tonight's show, including my parents and Ice's brother and sister. This made K nervous but didn't affect her performance. Everything went really well; the energy level was good; the audience laughed quite a bit, even if... (tags: theatre, yoco)

12.09.09  Closing night - The final performance was as good as all the rest. The energy level was high and the audience laughed often. Everyone we talked to (no relatives this time) thought it was great. What I find most amazing is that these... (tags: theatre, yoco)

13.09.09  The day after - So now that the play is done, L & K are getting sick. Better now than during but still... Last night, Ice and I watched movies until 4am. We haven't done that together in a long time and I really... (tags: life)

14.09.09  Stuff - K volunteered us to help set up for the library sale. First pick! L starts driver's ed tomorrow. That course is expensive. I'm sad about Patrick Swayze. Kanye West is an ass and his "apology" on Leno didn't change that.... (tags: life)

15.09.09  Open house - Open house at the public school tonight. Met J's teacher briefly, although he spent most of the time talking to the girls about university. Why? I don't know. At one point, when we were looking around the classroom, I asked... (tags: school)

16.09.09  Now I have to get up early - Our librarian is too efficient. She sent an email today to let me know that she already has everything set up for the book sale! So, no first pick but she did say we could come in for a sneak... (tags: books, life)

17.09.09  On the other hand - The four of us set off to the library tonight but the girls didn't make it past the driveway before they got talked into playing baseball. So J and I went on our own. It was Wii night so J... (tags: books)

18.09.09  Mr. Dressup - On Twitter today, the CBC Archives asked for people's memories of Mr. Dressup since it was the anniversary of the death of Ernie Coombs. There were several responses but my favourite was probably this one: When my wife was 5,... (tags: tv)

19.09.09  Scarecrow Festival - Today was the Scarecrow Festival and the start of the library's book sale. I got up early (on a Saturday!) and we headed to the library first. Came out of there with two full boxes which included everybody's books, not... (tags: books, festival)

20.09.09  Emmys - Neil Patrick Harris was a good host. Funny and charming. I particularly enjoyed the random credits that he used to announce each presenter. I liked that they did the show in segments (comedy, reality, movies/miniseries, variety, drama). It was very... (tags: tv)

21.09.09  Rainy Monday - Took the kids to school this morning. It was pouring when I got up but by the time we left, it was barely a sprinkle. Forgot L was coming home early so I was kinda thrown off when I heard... (tags: life)

22.09.09  Thanks for sharing - I'm thinking the British juror for the Giller Prize won't be asked back after she voiced her opinion of Canadian literature. Any valid points she made were buried under her mocking attitude. As was said in the comments at Bookninja,... (tags: books)

23.09.09  Trash - Since I have nothing else to write about, here are two reasons why I won't have anything to do with the National Post. Lisa Moore still "unreadably Canadian," Barbara Kay says (Quill & Quire) Canada Grows Up by Jonathan Kay... (tags: news)

24.09.09  Miles to go - Tomorrow is a PA day. I get to sleep in! Lots to accomplish before I go to bed though. K & I went back to the library on Tuesday and picked up a few more books. One of them was... (tags: books, life)

25.09.09  Not here - J had a new friend over last night. He left our house just before 4pm today for the (maybe) 15 minute walk home. At 5:20pm, someone called from his house asking if he was still here. I said no and... (tags: life)

26.09.09  So I can sneak up on the cat - Went shopping today for mostly boring stuff. I did get a new anti-static mat for my office though. Not entirely sure how I feel about it yet but it's much quieter than the old, broken one. K is on a... (tags: life)

27.09.09  That's very unusual - We took J to the doctor this afternoon. I had my suspicions about what was wrong with him and when I called in, I told the nurse what I was thinking. It was clear from her responses that she thought... (tags: j)

28.09.09  Blustery weather - J tells me we had a storm early this morning. I didn't hear a thing. The book club meeting was fun with lots of lively discussion. Two people didn't finish the book (The Divine Ryans by Wayne Johnston), two people... (tags: books, j)

29.09.09  Music - Dose.ca has a free mix available. Become a fan of iTunes Canada on Facebook and get a "back to school" sampler.... (tags: music)

30.09.09  Nine - The girls' school pictures came in. They look pretty much the same as last year. Also, they make awesome nachos. Only three months to go! (argh... I wrote this but forgot to post it!)... (tags: life)