Josh Ritter.

On Friday night, Ice, Newt, Maryann, and I went to see Josh Ritter at the London Music Hall. It was an almost last minute thing because I didn't hear about the concert until the Monday before and then only because I happened to spot an ad on Facebook. I asked everybody if they were interested, they said ok, and the kids were alright with staying home, so I bought the tickets. I was, to put it mildly, excited about this concert.

We got to London in good time, found excellent parking (rock star parking as Newt said), then had a quick dinner at Pizza Pizza. I was a bit impatient because I had never been to this venue and I wasn't sure what the seating would be like. I knew it was small (less than 200 people) and I knew there was a bar but I didn't know if the bar would be open. So it was pretty cool to walk in and see that everyone was sitting at round tables (with tablecloths!) and the bar was not only open, there were waitresses, too. The beverages were reasonably priced, the service was attentive, and I don't think there was a bad seat in the place.

The opener was Christina Martin with Dale Murray (of Cuff the Duke). I liked her, Ice liked her, Newt liked her, Maryann did not like her.

Then, after a short break, Josh came on with his band and gave an amazing show. Great songs (of course) and lots of energy. As a group, they looked like they were having such a good time on stage. Josh sang almost all of my favourites and one new song that isn't on any of his albums yet. And during the encore, Zachariah Hickman treated us to a song about his moustache. Near the end of the show, I dragged Newt up to the front, partly so I could take pictures but mostly just because I wanted to be at the front.

When it was over, Newt and I made a trip to the ladies' room. We were on our way back to the table when I realized that, right there, in the aisle in front of us, was Josh! Talking to his fans, signing autographs, and hugging everyone. We joined the crowd and had to wait for a while (to be honest, I was ready to give up but Newt was having none of that) and eventually he got to us. I received multiple hugs without asking (the guy hugs his fans like he means it, not like it's something he has to do) and an autograph and my picture taken with him. And we had an actual conversation about why so many places/streets/things in Ontario are named Dundas.

It was, as Newt said, an extremely successful evening. Great music, great show, and meeting Josh was amazing. I'm still on a bit of high because of it.

It's a terrible picture but it's the best I've got. I hate my camera sometimes.

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