Girls' night.

When the girls got home from their theatre group, L said that she wanted to go to the library with K and just hang out there in the air-conditioning. Since J was spending the night at a friend's house, I went along, too. On our way home, we stopped at the grocery store for a couple of things where it was also air-conditioned. In fact, the weather outside was really quite pleasant, as long as you didn't move too fast and stayed in the shade.

All of that was very nice but it made the house seem twice as hot when we got home.

K thought, since it was a girls' night, that we should watch a romantic comedy. Say Anything has been sitting around here for a while so we decided this was the perfect time to watch it. I'd seen it before of course and I was pretty sure L had but that didn't take anything away from our enjoyment. As I said on Twitter, Lloyd Dobler set the bar really high for boyfriends.

Posted by Ripley on August 10, 2009 | Tags: life