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01.08.09  Youker night - Tonight was Youker, the Euchre Drinking Game night. Four games later, we were tied (although Maryann and I decisively won the fourth) and nobody was broken. I'd call that a success. The Josh Ritter post is delayed until Monday or... (tags: youker)

02.08.09  A Midsummer Night's Faery Event - Tonight, Newt, MA, Ice, and I went to hear Lesley Livingston and RJ Anderson read from their novels at The Village Bookshop. Both authors were entertaining and both picked exactly the right spot to stop reading. Fantasy isn't usually my... (tags: book reading)

03.08.09  End of vacation #2 - Newt, MA, and K2 went home today. We had a great visit. Lots of staying up late (really late) and talking and laughing. We watched some movies, played some games, and ate really well. The kids liked that we went... (tags: life)

04.08.09  Josh Ritter - On Friday night, Ice, Newt, Maryann, and I went to see Josh Ritter at the London Music Hall. It was an almost last minute thing because I didn't hear about the concert until the Monday before and then only because... (tags: concert, josh ritter, music)

05.08.09  I used up all my words yesterday - The girls went to the first meeting for their theatre group yesterday. Rehearsals start on Monday, performances September 8-12. I think everybody is still coming down from the mini-vacation we just had. It's been a pretty subdued household.... (tags: yoco)

06.08.09  Back the front end in - Had to take T home tonight so L offered to drive. We got back to town around 10:30pm-ish and, since there was next to no traffic, I thought this would be a perfect time for her to attempt backing into... (tags: driving, l)

07.08.09  Movie meme - I've seen 150 out of 240 films. And I suspect that I missed a few... Yeah. Hands up if you're surprised that I have no life. *** Supposedly if you've seen over 85 films, you have no life. Mark the... (tags: meme, movies)

08.08.09  Early to bed - K had to work this morning. She was late last Saturday and I didn't want that to happen again so when I went to bed (at 7:30am), I set my alarm for 9. I heard it go off but the... (tags: life)

09.08.09  Steamy - I was really enjoying the summer weather until today. I slept through the storm we had this morning (and the fire siren too) but everybody tells me it was loud. After I got up, I opened the window in my... (tags: weather)

10.08.09  Girls' night - When the girls got home from their theatre group, L said that she wanted to go to the library with K and just hang out there in the air-conditioning. Since J was spending the night at a friend's house, I... (tags: life)

11.08.09  Impressing the kids - I had the house to myself for the day. Of course, I slept for half of it but still. The weird thing was, the afternoon went very slowly. Everytime I looked at the clock, I was surprised that it wasn't... (tags: books, life)

12.08.09  Dinner out - My parents are camping in the area while they see a couple of plays so they invited me and the kids out for dinner tonight. We went to a local inn known affectionately as The Rubber Boot, or simply, The... (tags: life)

13.08.09  Random - L is going to a pow wow this weekend. I'm kinda envious. I got put on a hitlist in Mafia Wars! I wish I could ctrl+f things in my house. My dad has a Facebook account with a profile picture... (tags: life)

14.08.09  Also, random - J had his dad to himself for most of the day. I think he liked that. The girls made it through their first week at the theatre. Barely. I really shouldn't watch TV shows about tornadoes. I almost forgot to... (tags: life)

15.08.09  It can stop being hot now - I heard on the news tonight that women's boxing will be a medal sport at the 2012 Olympics in London! I know it's all about publicity but I still get a bit of a thrill when an author I respect... (tags: life)

16.08.09  Isn't this July weather? - The house is really quiet without L here. Ice barbecued corn on the cob last night. There were a couple of small fires but it turned out well. The girls' theatre group had a pancake breakfast this morning. I didn't... (tags: life)

17.08.09  My brain is foggy - I couldn't think straight today and didn't get anything done. I have two books that I have to review very soon and a bunch more that I want to review very soon. I kinda sorta had a project planned for... (tags: life)

18.08.09  Yes, random - About an hour after I posted (whined) last night, I felt much better. Got lots done and slept better, too. L came home today. She had a good time, lots of stories to tell. I picked up K this afternoon... (tags: life)

19.08.09  ABCs - Taken from Michelle. Available or single? Neither. Best friend? I've heard people say that you can't have more than one best friend but I disagree. I'm fortunate enough to have two. Cake or Pie? If I'm making it, then cake.... (tags: meme)

20.08.09  Yet another reason why I don't love summer - I had to drive the girls and a couple of other kids this morning because their usual ride was sick. I only had about an hour's sleep and half an hour's notice so that was fun. When I went to... (tags: weather)

21.08.09  Checklist - DVDs pizza vodka Coke munchies tunes books laptop Yeah, I think I'm set for the weekend.... (tags: life)

22.08.09  Ice - Today is Ice's birthday. He's celebrating by sleeping in a tent with three kids and a dog. He's weird like that. Random items! He likes to cook and he's good at it. However, I can't be in the kitchen when... (tags: birthday, ice)

23.08.09  The weekend - Ice and the kids had a good time. The weather wasn't the best but they said it didn't really matter. Ice's brother and family were there too so the kids weren't bored when it was raining. As for me, I... (tags: life)

24.08.09  Got one - We've been without a family doctor for a long time now, the "orphan patients" that the media likes to go on and on about. When I took Ice to the ER at the beginning of August, the receptionist gave him... (tags: health)

25.08.09  Y - I was supposed to post this yesterday but I got all caught up in the new doctor thing. So please pretend this is the 24th. I met Y on the first day of kindergarten. Our coat hooks were side by... (tags: birthday, y)

26.08.09  My life according to books I have read in 2009 - I did these based on the title, not on what the book was about. Interpret them any way you want. Instructions: Using only books you have read this year (2009), cleverly answer these questions. Try not to repeat a book... (tags: books, meme)

27.08.09  Three - Did you know that the piano parts on BTO's Takin' Care of Business were played by the pizza delivery guy? Wikipedia says it's not true but Randy Bachman himself told the story. Very interesting documentary. Rehearsals for the girls' play... (tags: life, music)

28.08.09  Free time - J is spending tonight and tomorrow with a friend and the girls will be away for most of tomorrow so it looks like Ice and I will have some time to ourselves. Which will probably translate into him reading and... (tags: life)

29.08.09  Saturday afternoon - Ice and I did have the afternoon to ourselves but he didn't read and doze and I didn't work. Instead, he played games on the PS2 and I played games on the laptop. We did take J out for dinner... (tags: life)

30.08.09  Second last - We went back-to-school shopping today. The kids got most of what they needed and I couldn't resist throwing a few things in the cart for me. What is it about school/office supplies? Pens, pencils, markers, binders, notebooks, post-its, etc.... I... (tags: life)

31.08.09  Last - The kids and I went to the dentist today for our regular checkups. Everybody was fine (no cavities!) but we left here at 11:30am and didn't get home until 4pm. That's a pretty big chunk of the day. Tonight, I... (tags: life)