Vacation - The final word.

To read all of the posts about our vacation in order, start with Day 1.

We had a really great time. The cottage was lovely, the view was gorgeous, the weather could have been warmer but it wasn't a huge problem. We spent a lot of time together, hanging out, playing games. It was relaxing.

There was wifi at the cottage but it was extremely flakey so I only used it to keep an eye on my email. And I only turned my laptop on once, just to take some pictures off my camera.

Everyday we listened to a different person's iPod/mp3 player.

Unlike last year, we stayed up late and slept in late every day. Also, I was able to actually *sleep* in a bed that wasn't my own for a change.

We left a couple of things behind. Not important stuff but still. I should have done a better check.

Despite the mostly cool weather, we are all tanned and a bit sunburnt.

Ice and I would buy that cottage in a heartbeat if it was for sale. And if, you know, we had the money. We need to buy more lottery tickets.


Posted by Ripley on July 12, 2009 | Tags: vacation