Vacation - Day 2.

One of my favourite things about these cottage vacations is, surprisingly, the morning. I get up, grab my book, water, sunglasses, etc., and head outside to sit on the deck (in this case, balcony) for a couple of hours. It's pretty great.


Ice and I went into Tobermory to get more groceries. And of course, we had to stop in at the bookstore. It's very tiny with a limited selection but even so there were several books there that I wanted. I was good though and only bought one.

When we got back to the cottage, the kids went swimming, although I'm not sure you can call it "swimming" when it mostly involved standing in water to your waist and shivering. The water was much colder than last year but then again so was the weather.

The beach

Abby had fun exploring the shore. Since there was no one else around, we let her off-leash and she wandered wherever she wanted (within reason). She ventured into the water a couple of times but not for long.

Posted by Ripley on July 05, 2009 | Tags: vacation