Vacation - Day 1.

K had to work until 2pm, which was fine with me since it meant less rushing around and I got to sleep in. Ice picked up T in the morning and then packed up the van (he's magic, I tell ya) and by the time she got home, we were all ready to go.

Around 2:30pm, we got in the van and we drove and drove and drove and drove and drove and drove and stopped at Tim Hortons and stopped at the grocery store and drove and drove and drove. The way the roads work up there we had to drive way past where the cottage actually was and then double back but finally, four hours later, we arrived.


The cottage looked just like we thought it would, spacious and clean, and the bedrooms (four of them) were a nice size. But I was a little unprepared for the view. This picture does not do it justice.

The view

There was an area for the dog with stairs leading up to the deck so we gave her the ball and let her play while Ice was barbecuing. At one point, she brought the ball to the top of the stairs and someone (forget who) tossed it down and Abby, forgetting she was on stairs, turned the wrong way, fell from the top step, and landed on her side on the gravel below. She wasn't seriously hurt but it kinda shook her up.

It was too cold to go swimming and too cold to stay outside for long after the sun started to set. We played games and laughed a lot and marvelled at the moon reflecting off the water.

The moon

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