The kids are concerned that people will think I've died if I don't mention that I won't be posting for a week. So consider yourself notified.

Also, we reached an agreement with regard to our deal. I will write my posts every day as usual, they will verify that I've done so, and then I will post them on my blog when we get home.

We're supposed to have internet access while we're there but it's not a sure thing. Honestly, I'm kinda hoping we don't.

And finally, when I told L that I was taking 92 books with me (3 real books, 89 ebooks), she said, "And a pair of underwear. You have to put that on your blog. 'I'm taking 92 books and a pair of underwear.'" So yeah. That's what I'm taking.

Posted by Ripley on July 03, 2009 | Tags: vacation