Let the weekend begin.

hmm... I seem to be out of reviews. Guess I'll have to write a real post. Or something resembling a real post.

On Monday night, I went to the library with K. While she worked, I did some research and chatted with L on MSN. I like hanging out at the library.

As we were leaving the house, the sun was shining and it was pouring rain. It's so weird when that happens.

Newt called on Tuesday. I told her I would start keeping my cellphone on even when I'm at home... and then promptly forgot the next day. I did remember today though.

I feel like I'm never going to finish the book I'm reading. But if I want to go to the book club meeting (my first! and the reason I'm reading it), I have to be done by Monday.

I was up before the kids twice this week.

My house is a disaster.

Posted by Ripley on July 23, 2009 | Tags: life