Golf party.

Today was Ice's annual summer party for work. There was golfing and dinner and prizes and catching up with people we only see twice a year. I didn't golf (never do) but Ice did, then he came home to get me for the dinner. The food was good and Ice won a GPS unit for one of the door prizes.

After we left there, we toured a nearby community that is featured heavily in the book I'm currently reading. Even though the place has changed dramatically from when the book is set, I still wanted to see it, to get a sense of it. And also just because I could. I may go back at some point and take pictures.

Doing that tour also gave us a chance to try out the GPS unit. Lola, as Ice has named it, worked well and my favourite part was when she said, "Arriving at home, on the right." Gee, thanks.

Posted by Ripley on July 18, 2009 | Tags: party