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01.07.09  Canada Day - We saw fireworks last night so we didn't really do anything today. L went to a party, K & I watched some Ghost Whisperer, J played on the PS2. We're so exciting. The 3rd Canadian Book Challenge started today. I'm... (tags: life)

02.07.09  Mistress of the Sun by Sandra Gulland - About Mistress of the Sun: The story of Louise de la Vallière, mistress of Louis XIV of France. This book had everything from love and betrayal to grand parties and frightening medical practices. It was an excellent read and... (tags: book review)

03.07.09  Vacation - The kids are concerned that people will think I've died if I don't mention that I won't be posting for a week. So consider yourself notified. Also, we reached an agreement with regard to our deal. I will write my... (tags: vacation)

04.07.09  Vacation - Day 1 - K had to work until 2pm, which was fine with me since it meant less rushing around and I got to sleep in. Ice picked up T in the morning and then packed up the van (he's magic, I tell... (tags: vacation)

05.07.09  Vacation - Day 2 - One of my favourite things about these cottage vacations is, surprisingly, the morning. I get up, grab my book, water, sunglasses, etc., and head outside to sit on the deck (in this case, balcony) for a couple of hours. It's... (tags: vacation)

06.07.09  Vacation - Day 3 - It was pretty cold so we stayed in and read for much of the day. We've gotten into the habit of playing games every night when we're on vacation. Mostly card games but also dice games, backgammon, and Clue. We... (tags: vacation)

07.07.09  Vacation - Day 4 - I said to Ice that at some point during this vacation I wanted to wander around the shops in Tobermory since we didn't do that last year. I thought this would be a good day since the weather was supposed... (tags: vacation)

08.07.09  Vacation - Day 5 - I went swimming with the kids. The water was very very cold but after a while it didn't matter because my legs and feet were numb. The rocks in the water were mostly flat but they were very slippery. Getting... (tags: vacation)

09.07.09  Vacation - Day 6 - The kids went swimming and then we went back to Tobermory to try the shopping thing again. We stopped in at most of the stores but the only thing we bought was ice cream. I wasn't interested in souvenirs made... (tags: vacation)

10.07.09  Vacation - Day 7 - The kids wanted to spend some time on a sand beach for a change so we went to Singing Sands. I knew the water was shallow there for quite a piece but wow. We walked and walked and walked and... (tags: vacation)

11.07.09  Vacation - Home - We got up early, finished packing, and cleaned the cottage. We had to be out by 10:30am but it was a little after that by the time we actually left. We stopped at the Handicraft House as usual. I swear... (tags: vacation)

12.07.09  Vacation - The final word - To read all of the posts about our vacation in order, start with Day 1. We had a really great time. The cottage was lovely, the view was gorgeous, the weather could have been warmer but it wasn't a huge... (tags: vacation)

13.07.09  One down, ten to go - The girls and I went to the library today and came home with 11 movies. I have seen some of the ones the girls picked but still, that's a lot of movies to watch in a week. I'm having some... (tags: life)

14.07.09  Megiddo's Shadow by Arthur Slade - About Megiddo's Shadow: In 1918, sixteen-year-old Edward Bathe lies about his age and joins the army to avenge the death of his brother. Surprising and surprisingly sad. You may want to keep the tissues handy. Full review: Megiddo's Shadow... (tags: book review)

15.07.09  Amuse Bouche by Anthony Bidulka - About Amuse Bouche: Private detective Russell Quant investigates the disappearance of one of the grooms at a gay wedding. The first book in the Russell Quant series. There were a few things I wasn't crazy about but I liked... (tags: book review)

16.07.09  The Chicken Doesn't Skate by Gordon Korman - About The Chicken Doesn't Skate: Henrietta is supposed to be part of a science fair project but she may be needed elsewhere. J's first review! He enjoyed the book and he especially liked the way the author made it... (tags: book review)

17.07.09  Not a review - Newt called yesterday which was very cool. She had a purpose for her call (a visit!) but I think we went off on 47 tangents from when she first mentioned it until we got back to it at the end.... (tags: life, newt)

18.07.09  Golf party - Today was Ice's annual summer party for work. There was golfing and dinner and prizes and catching up with people we only see twice a year. I didn't golf (never do) but Ice did, then he came home to get... (tags: party)

19.07.09  Visiting the parents - The girls were trying to figure out when the last time was that we went to my parents' place. Near as we can tell, it was last summer. They've been to our place a few times since but we haven't... (tags: family)

20.07.09  Angel Wing Splash Pattern by Richard Van Camp - About Angel Wing Splash Pattern: Collection of nine short stories. I thought all of the stories were remarkable. Highly recommended. Full review: Angel Wing Splash Pattern by Richard Van Camp This was for the 2nd Canadian Book Challenge.... (tags: book review)

21.07.09  Snitch by Allison van Diepen - About Snitch: A girl is branded as a snitch at her inner city high school. van Diepen did an excellent job of showing that the decision to join a gang isn't always easy and that, while gangs are not... (tags: book review)

22.07.09  Wicked Woods by Steve Vernon - About Wicked Woods: Collection of twenty-five ghost stories. Fun stories to read around the campfire or to take on a ghost tour of New Brunswick. Full review: Wicked Woods by Steve Vernon This was for the 2nd Canadian Book... (tags: book review)

23.07.09  Let the weekend begin - hmm... I seem to be out of reviews. Guess I'll have to write a real post. Or something resembling a real post. On Monday night, I went to the library with K. While she worked, I did some research and... (tags: life)

24.07.09  Maybe should be an option - This is from Facebook and I honestly don't remember if some of these should be yes or no. When in doubt, I answered no. *** 1. You can ONLY answer YES or NO. 2. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain... (tags: meme)

25.07.09  Water - Because I have nothing to say and I'm really warm and I wish I was back there.... (tags: photo)

26.07.09  The weekend - It was a fairly quiet weekend. We went shopping on Friday and.... that's about it. Well, we watched a couple of movies and I finished the neverending book and T stayed over on Friday night and he and L went... (tags: life)

27.07.09  Book club meeting - I went to the book club meeting at the library tonight. It was my first time because, as much as I like discussing books, sitting around and talking with strangers isn't really my kind of thing. Everyone was nice though... (tags: book club)

28.07.09  Many hands - I had the kids cleaning like crazy today. They did a good job with few complaints, mostly about how humid it was. Can't blame them for that. Cleaning is so much easier when everybody pitches in. The former doctor's office... (tags: life)

29.07.09  Screw the time - I haven't been to bed yet so this still counts. Newt, MA, and K2 are here! Lots of stories exchanged, a little alcohol consumed, and that's all I've got for tonight (this morning).... (tags: life)

30.07.09  What day is it again? - Slept in late. Hung around the house all day. Maryann injured herself in a grocery store accident. She blamed Newt or, to be exact, Newt's beans. Ice came home. The kids made dinner. Watched movies involving exploding cats. Well, one... (tags: life)

31.07.09  Needed: coherent sentences - Had a great time at the Josh Ritter concert tonight. Too tired at the moment so will post details tomorrow.... (tags: concert, music)