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Maybe just mad.

This is from a while ago. J asked L and I to give him the words and well, we chose certain ones just so J would have to write them down and then say them. We're nice like that. There is one unreadable word (work on your handwriting, J!) but it's not important.

Bullfighting is a big sport which is very popular in [unreadable]. A bullfighter is called a matador, and his equipment consists of a long, sharp boob called a "caliente", and a bright red bra. He waves his bra at the bull, which makes the bull round and causes him to charge. The matador then goes through a series of raunchy maneuvers to avoid getting caught on the bull's penis. If the matador kills the bull, the spectators yell, "Fuego!" and throw their iPods into the ring. If the bull wins, they yell "WTF!" and call for another matador. Bullfighting is a very moist sport, but it will never be popular in America because Americans don't believe in cruelty to curtains.

Posted by Ripley on June 08, 2009 | Tags: life