Last day of school.

This was a hard week for J since both of his sisters have been done school since Monday noon-ish. He made it through though and now we can all stay up late and sleep in.

Speaking of staying up late, K was determined to stay up later than me at least once this week. So last night when I said I was going to bed, she announced that she was going to read for just a little bit longer. She admitted today that it was kinda scary to be down here alone but she did it and she's happy.

I went driving with L today for the first time. We took K to a volunteer gig in a neighbouring town, then spent some time practicing corners. She also got some experience driving on gravel when I miscalculated just how few corners there were in that town. She's doing better than she thinks she is.

Speaking of volunteering, K has finished the community hours that are required to graduate in Ontario. In fact, she's finished them almost twice over and she's just going into grade 10.

And finally, J baked an Amish Cinnamon Friendship Loaf tonight. Two, actually. He was given the starter at school (or maybe it was on a field trip, can't remember) and he's been carefully feeding and "mushing" it for the last ten days. It was yummy.

Posted by Ripley on June 25, 2009 | Tags: life