This afternoon I went through the available cottages for the week Ice has off and eliminated all the ones that didn't allow pets and didn't accommodate enough people. Then I recruited L&T to help me narrow down the list some more. We were left with three that we liked for various reasons and a few others that we hadn't completely crossed off.

I sent that list to Ice.

He looked it over, eliminated one of the cottages, and gave his preference of the remaining two. He said to ask the kids again and, when we reached a decision, to go ahead and book it.

So I called the kids into my office one by one (including T), went over the differences, and had them vote. And after all of that was done?

The kids were tied.

So now it's up to me. Here are the differences between the two, the ones that matter anyway:

Cottage A: Saturday to Saturday rental, 4 bedrooms, washer & dryer, Lake Huron side, close to Tobermory, small deck, more expensive.

Cottage B: Sunday to Sunday rental, 3 bedrooms, large deck(s), Georgian Bay side, close to Lion's Head, cheaper.

Ice voted for cottage A based on the Saturday to Saturday rental (giving him a day at home before he has to drive back up to work) and the washer and dryer. The only real issue for me is the size of the deck (and the washer and dryer) so I think I'm going to go with Ice and see if I can book cottage A.

With my luck, they'll both be gone in morning.

Posted by Ripley on June 22, 2009 | Tags: vacation