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01.06.09  Read a Canadian Book Month - John Mutford of The Book Mine Set has declared June to be Read A Canadian Book Month. I think every month should be that but I'm willing to go with June.... (tags: books)

02.06.09  Bob Barker would approve - Ontario's first high-volume spay/neuter service is now open. Here's hoping people use it. Although I think it's sad that sharing certain information about the service "puts the Ontario SPCA veterinarians at risk of violating the Veterinarians Act."... (tags: life)

03.06.09  Free software - Yet again I have nothing useful to say, so here's something useful to download: Lifehacker Pack 2009: Our List of Essential Free Windows Downloads. I use eight of these things on a daily basis, a few more I tried in... (tags: software)

04.06.09  There's no excuse for it - I tried to visit Simon & Schuster's newly redesigned Canadian site tonight and got this: You need to upgrade your web browser. Most of our audience uses one of the browsers listed below. We want to help you update your... (tags: web)

05.06.09  Because I don't have enough to do - I started a second blog recently, focusing on (what else) Canadian literature. I will finish off the current round of the Canadian Book Challenge here but after that, I will be posting about bookish things there instead. Mostly. I also... (tags: books)

06.06.09  A correction and other things - A correction to what I said yesterday: I will most likely continue to post reviews here until the end of the year because I need all the help I can get with this posting every day thing. J and I... (tags: life)

07.06.09  Spring fair - K&J went to the fair this afternoon. Apart from putting sugar on their fries instead of salt and J not feeling well (probably from too many rides and putting sugar on his fries), I think they had a good time.... (tags: fair)

08.06.09  Maybe just mad - This is from a while ago. J asked L and I to give him the words and well, we chose certain ones just so J would have to write them down and then say them. We're nice like that. There... (tags: life)

09.06.09  NxEW - Yes, I typed that correctly. North by East West "a geographically impossible blog for a geographically impossible country". Find music news, upcoming events, podcasts, free music downloads, and all sorts of other things. And, if you're so inclined, you can... (tags: music)

10.06.09  One Book Meme - Taken from monniblog. One book you're currently reading: Step Closer by Tessa McWatt. One book that changed your life: The Diviners by Margaret Laurence. Not for the story as such but because it was the book that inspired me to... (tags: books, meme)

11.06.09  Two weeks 'til school's out - Today was J's last day in the gifted class. Next year he'll be doing modules instead of weekly classes. I hope that works out for him as well as this has. L&K are stressing over tests and projects and their... (tags: life)

12.06.09  Go Pens! - Except for one game, the Pittsburgh / Detroit series was a lot of fun to watch. Plenty of nail-biting and heart-stopping moments. I'm not a Penguins fan normally but I really really wanted them to beat Detroit. And there was... (tags: hockey)

13.06.09  One - Taken from Melle. Answer each question with one word, and one only. 1. Where is your cell phone? Shelf. 2. Where is your significant other? Sleeping. 3. Your hair color? Brown. 4. Your mother? Cool. 5. Your father? Talkative. 6.... (tags: meme)

14.06.09  Movies - For the last couple of summers, the girls and I have made plans to watch lots of movies. A couple of years ago, we decided (or maybe I decided) to watch classic movies: Bogart, Hepburn, that sort of thing. Last... (tags: movies)

15.06.09  Tis the season, I guess - Last night/early this morning, J got up, came downstairs to use the bathroom (instead of using the one that's practically outside his bedroom), and then, on his way back upstairs, he grabbed his coat to take with him. Why? I... (tags: life)

16.06.09  Exams start tomorrow - Much studying going on around here. L says, and I agree, that their brains are melting. Also, L got her English project back and she did really really well. She's happy that all of her hard work paid off. Not... (tags: school)

17.06.09  Why isn't this week over yet? - I wrote two reviews last night with next to no effort. The words were just there. I wish that happened more often. J goes on a field trip tomorrow that is mostly outdoors. I hope it doesn't rain too much.... (tags: life)

18.06.09  Field trip - J's field trip went well. They went for a tour of Western because that's the school his teacher attended and his teacher thinks that's where they should all go, too. They also went to Lawson Village and learned all sorts... (tags: j)

19.06.09  Today - Ice and I went out for lunch, drove along the beach, went shopping, came home, did whatever, had supper, watched movies, the end.... (tags: life)

20.06.09  Review: One Hand Screaming by Mark Leslie - About One Hand Screaming: Collection of short stories and poems. If you like horror that (for the most part) isn't too graphic, you should give this one a try. At the very least, I'm pretty sure you'll never look... (tags: book review)

21.06.09  Father's day - Last night, Ice went for dinner with his father, brothers, and brother-in-law. They've been getting together around Father's Day for a few years now and I think they enjoy having some men-only time. The kids and I stayed home and... (tags: life)

22.06.09  Dilemma - This afternoon I went through the available cottages for the week Ice has off and eliminated all the ones that didn't allow pets and didn't accommodate enough people. Then I recruited L&T to help me narrow down the list some... (tags: vacation)

23.06.09  Booked - Cottage A is booked. The kids are very relieved even though they all didn't get what they wanted. Not knowing was making them anxious. So now we have to figure out what we can take and what we'll have to... (tags: vacation)

24.06.09  Step Closer by Tessa McWatt - About Step Closer: Emily tells the tragic story of Gavin and Marcus while dealing with relationship issues of her own. If there was anything to take away from this book, I think it was that we never know people... (tags: book review)

25.06.09  Last day of school - This was a hard week for J since both of his sisters have been done school since Monday noon-ish. He made it through though and now we can all stay up late and sleep in. Speaking of staying up late,... (tags: life)

26.06.09  To the vet - We took Abby and Stevie to the vet today for their annual checkups. I intentionally made the appointment for a Friday afternoon when Ice was home because the cat HATES to be put into any sort of carrier for the... (tags: abby, stevie)

27.06.09  Writers festival - Today, Ice and I went to a writers festival in a nearby town. Five authors were there to read from and sign their books: Mary Swan, Anne Michaels, Alan Cumyn, Suzanne Evans, and Tilda Shalof. All of the authors were... (tags: authors, books)

28.06.09  Finished season one - After an extended break for school projects and exams, L & I are back to watching Six Feet Under. What amazes me about that show is how much stuff happened in the first season that I thought happened much much... (tags: life)

29.06.09  Almost done - L saw Transformers 2 tonight. She said it was funny and she liked it. K is amusing when she's punchy. J has hardly been home. Trying to finish up the last reviews for the 2nd Canadian Book Challenge has fried... (tags: life)

30.06.09  Fireworks and reviews - The fireworks on the beach were as lovely as always. It was cold but the rain held off until it was almost over. We got pretty wet gathering up our stuff but it wasn't a big deal. And I made... (tags: life)