Piano recital.

J's piano recital was held this morning at a local church. There were a lot of performances by children of varying skill levels and they all did a good job. They weren't all perfect but the ones who ran into difficulties still played their songs through to the end. I think it takes courage to do that — actually I think it takes courage to get up there at all — so I was impressed regardless.

J played an older piece and didn't make any mistakes. He had to play it from memory because he lost all of his current piano books a couple of weeks ago. Still have no idea where they are. He's looked; I've looked; they're nowhere to be found.

The only complaint I had with the morning (other than that it was MORNING) was that the air conditioning was on in the church and I was half-frozen by the time we left. Wasn't just me either. Everyone in my family said it was much too cold.

Posted by Ripley on May 30, 2009 | Tags: j, piano