Today is Newt's birthday. I can't tell you anything about the day she was born so here are some random items from the 17+ years that I've known her.

We met at my baby shower when I was pregnant with L but I don't remember if I talked to her much that day (actually, the whole day was kind of a blur). She was dating a relative at the time so we ended up seeing each other fairly often and discovered that we really enjoyed each other's company.

After she and the relative split, we were out of touch for about two years. Then one day she sent me a letter (of the old-fashioned handwritten variety), which led to more letters, which led to her coming to our place for a weekend, and it was like those two years had never happened.

I like to say that I got custody of her in the divorce.

For another of her birthdays, we went on a road trip to Cape Cod with a slight detour through Rhode Island. Both of our nicknames are a direct result of that trip.

Two hours, four bars, eight drinks. What a night that was.

We share a love of music and movies, although often not the same music and movies, and we are both happiest when an internet-enabled device and plenty of vodka and beer are within reach.

Happy birthday, Newt! And thank you for sending that letter.

Posted by Ripley on May 24, 2009 | Tags: newt

And then you said

What a crazy, fortunate, happenstance Rhode Island was! I frequently use it as a claim to fame: "I've been through Rhode Island at rush hour."

Thanks for fabulous birthday wishes, for amazing adventures, and for writing back.

Posted by Newt on May 25, 2009 8:26 PM

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