Make some noise.

K took a year or two off my life by coming home for lunch unannounced. I was upstairs, heard the dog bark (once) and heard a door bang, but then it was quiet and nobody answered when I yelled down. I debated hiding out in the bedroom but figured I should probably investigate and when I did, there was K, merrily eating her lunch. Next time, she needs to make MORE noise, not less.

I have six more books to read for the 2nd Canadian Book Challenge. I'm actually feeling optimistic about finishing, especially since I just discovered another author that fits my MySpace theme. I've been wanting to read this guy's books for quite some time and now I have the perfect excuse. Really, who wouldn't want to read about a gay private detective living in Saskatoon?

Posted by Ripley on May 05, 2009 | Tags: life