Today is K's 15th birthday. Here are some random things about the day she was born.

K was two pounds bigger than L at birth. I was a little impatient when it came time to push and as a result, I lost a lot of blood. This caused some anxiety for my doctor and I had to have an IV for a day or so after.

Also, I had a massive adrenaline rush, which, oh my god, may be one of the greatest things ever.

Because the doctor was busy repairing the damage I'd done to myself, Ice got to hold K before I did. He says her eyes were open right away.

The maternity ward of the hospital was under renovation so I stayed in the delivery room. Which sounds kinda weird but wasn't. The room was much bigger and I had it all to myself. And I got to stay an extra couple of days because they didn't need the room. One of the benefits of small hospitals in small towns.

K's name came from a figure skater. We weren't huge fans of this woman, we just really liked her name. And since it reflected Ice's heritage, we went with it. The short form of her name was easy to decide on but the spelling of it was a separate issue. I asked Ice how he thought it should be spelled and I gave him a couple of options. He picked one and it wasn't until later that I discovered he'd picked that one because he thought that was how most people spelled it. As K will tell you, that is definitely not the case.

Happy birthday, K!

Posted by Ripley on May 09, 2009 | Tags: birthday, k

And then you said

Well I like the way K's name is spelt better than the "usual" way lol

Posted by L on May 10, 2009 10:40 AM

wow. glad I finally got to read this. Thanks mom, I honestly never knew all that. til now of course. I like the way my name is spelt too :)

Posted by K on May 10, 2009 11:03 PM

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