Is it Thursday yet?.

This week is taking far too long. I'm not sleeping well (or much) and I'm not getting nearly enough done. Combine both of those things and you get a weepy, touchy Ripley. Not good.

The folks at Twitter made an idiotic move today. They have changed the post from its original wording but still, it's stupid. Makes me wonder if they, the bloody founders, even understand how Twitter works. So what if it's confusing the newbies? They'll figure it out. The rest of us did.

Did I mention I was touchy?

Ah well. On the good side of things, we got a new pizza discount card (which saves us tons of money), I'm enjoying the book I'm reading, and J and I spent some time this evening analyzing cost/return ratios for my farm at Facebook. I think he likes being my advisor.

Life doesn't totally suck. I just wish the weekend would hurry up and get here.

Posted by Ripley on May 12, 2009 | Tags: life