IPRC meeting.

This morning Ice and I had a meeting at the public school with J's teacher and principal and the special ed resources person (can't remember her actual title) to discuss J's IEP. Because he's in grade 6, this is his last year in the gifted class that meets weekly. From here on out, he will have the option of participating in what they call modules -- day-long events or trips held monthly or every other month or whenever.

Well, the school says it's optional. I say it's not. :)

The reports from everyone (including the gifted teacher who wasn't there) were reasonably good. No real surprises. The principal said she was particularly pleased by how he's been handling the grade 3 class that he helps monitor at lunch time. The gifted teacher's note said he's getting along just fine socially and doing all the things he should be doing. His regular teacher said he's handed in some work lately that really impressed him.

The gifted class has been a wonderful thing for J. I hope this new program is, too.

IPRC = Identification, Placement, and Review Committee

It's hard to write about J when I know he's going to read this.

Posted by Ripley on May 15, 2009 | Tags: j