Dinner and a movie.

Ice and I went to a surprise anniversary dinner for my cousin and his wife tonight. It was nice to visit with some relatives I haven't seen in a while and the food was good too.

After dinner, I suggested that we go to the city to see Star Trek. We had made tentative plans to go on Sunday night but I figured, since we were out already, that we might as well go right then. So I called the kids and got permission to stay out longer than we'd planned.

We bought our tickets as soon as we got there (actually, didn't buy them because we had more than enough Scene points to get in for free) and then wandered around the mall for a bit. We returned to the theatre early on the advice of the ticketseller and got good seats, top row centre. And the movie?

It was awesome and lived up to all the hype.

Posted by Ripley on May 16, 2009 | Tags: anniversary, movie