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01.05.09  Fixed - Ice fixed the garage door! He called a few places this week for prices and advice, and then picked up what he needed. By the time I got up today, he had it all done and he tells me the... (tags: garage, ice)

02.05.09  In brief - Ice took L out driving this afternoon. He said she did well for her first time. My parents came by to take K shopping for her birthday. J went to his best friend's house for the night. Me, I did... (tags: life)

03.05.09  Too many dots - This weekend was really quiet and I don't think I appreciated it enough. I was looking at my calendar tonight and realized it may have been the last completely free weekend for the rest of the month. Some of the... (tags: life)

04.05.09  Miss Smithers by Susan Juby - About Miss Smithers: Alice enters a beauty pageant. The second book in the Alice MacLeod series. Another review by L, interview-style. She liked this one just as much as the first. Full review: Miss Smithers by Susan Juby... (tags: book review)

05.05.09  Make some noise - K took a year or two off my life by coming home for lunch unannounced. I was upstairs, heard the dog bark (once) and heard a door bang, but then it was quiet and nobody answered when I yelled down.... (tags: life)

06.05.09  Coming of age - A while ago, I posted about L's English project. She chose coming of age as her theme and she had to find two novels, two poems, two short stories, and two movies to fit that theme. These are what she... (tags: books, l)

07.05.09  Annie, Jr. - The drama club at J's school put on a production of Annie tonight. They worked on it for six months, after school and a couple of Saturday mornings. J played President Roosevelt in a wheelchair. He didn't have a lot... (tags: j, k, play)

08.05.09  Birthday party - K had a bunch of friends over for her birthday party tonight. I think it was a pretty quiet affair though because I didn't hear much noise coming from the living room. Guess I'll find out tomorrow when they all... (tags: birthday, k)

09.05.09  K - Today is K's 15th birthday. Here are some random things about the day she was born. K was two pounds bigger than L at birth. I was a little impatient when it came time to push and as a result,... (tags: birthday, k)

10.05.09  Mother's day - For Mother's Day, we went shopping. I'm not a big fan of shopping (unless it's for books or music) but things went really well and the day was actually fun. L needed a dress for her formal which is coming... (tags: mothers day, shopping)

11.05.09  No Time for Goodbye by Linwood Barclay - About No Time for Goodbye: A fourteen-year-old girl wakes up one morning to find that her entire family has vanished. This book hooked me right from the beginning. If you're looking for something to keep you up at night,... (tags: book review)

12.05.09  Is it Thursday yet? - This week is taking far too long. I'm not sleeping well (or much) and I'm not getting nearly enough done. Combine both of those things and you get a weepy, touchy Ripley. Not good. The folks at Twitter made an... (tags: life)

13.05.09  Television - Most of the various TV shows we watch are winding up their seasons and I've been impressed with several of the finales. True cliffhangers and ones that I didn't see coming. Well done. Also, searching Twitter right after a show... (tags: tv)

14.05.09  Good news - K got a job working at the library! She goes in for training next week and then she'll find out what her hours will be. She is very very excited. In my opinion, the best thing about this job (apart... (tags: google, k, library)

15.05.09  IPRC meeting - This morning Ice and I had a meeting at the public school with J's teacher and principal and the special ed resources person (can't remember her actual title) to discuss J's IEP. Because he's in grade 6, this is his... (tags: j)

16.05.09  Dinner and a movie - Ice and I went to a surprise anniversary dinner for my cousin and his wife tonight. It was nice to visit with some relatives I haven't seen in a while and the food was good too. After dinner, I suggested... (tags: anniversary, movie)

17.05.09  Interview with K, age 15 - Taken from Violet. Although these questions are supposed to be about me, K managed to make them all about her. What is something I always say to you? Don't touch me. What makes me happy? Me!! And Dad. I guess.... (tags: about, k)

18.05.09  Interview with L, age 17 - Taken from Violet. I better pack a bag if we're going to do all the things she wants to do. What is something I always say to you? You're crazy. What makes me happy? When the whole family is getting... (tags: about, l)

19.05.09  Interview with J, age 12 - Taken from Violet. K typed this and posted it on Facebook for him and I just copied it over. Only J could give answers like this. What is something I always say to you? Sit still. What makes me happy?... (tags: about, j)

20.05.09  Interview with Ice - Taken from Violet. I figured it might as well be a whole family thing. What is something I always say to you? hello What makes me happy? when all is well with the family units What makes me sad? when... (tags: about, ice)

21.05.09  To review - Nobody really knows why I'm proud of them but everybody knows that I like potatoes. I'm not sure what that says about me but I don't think it's a good thing. I really enjoyed not having to come up with... (tags: life)

22.05.09  The formal - L's formal was tonight. She looked beautiful in her sparkly, short dress and T looked handsome in his suit. After the dance, they stopped here to change and said they had fun. A group of them opted to not go... (tags: l)

23.05.09  She's wearing a dress - I have absolutely nothing to write about tonight so, for those who know me and my family, you can find a picture of L&T all dressed up for the formal here. I'm not linking to the exact photo but you... (tags: l)

24.05.09  Newt - Today is Newt's birthday. I can't tell you anything about the day she was born so here are some random items from the 17+ years that I've known her. We met at my baby shower when I was pregnant with... (tags: newt)

25.05.09  On the weekend - J is disappointed that I didn't mention this earlier. So.... On Saturday, J went with his best friend and his best friend's family to the playground at the school. While they were there, J slipped and fell off the climber,... (tags: j)

26.05.09  Planning a break - We've been talking a fair bit about what to do on our vacation this year. We've considered getting a cottage so we can go swimming and canoeing and just relax. We've also considered taking a couple of days and going... (tags: vacation)

27.05.09  I got nothin' - A big decision was made in this house this week but I want to get permission before I post about it. We have things going on every day for the rest of the month but if I post about them... (tags: life)

28.05.09  Inventions galore - A while ago, the kids in J's gifted class had to think of a common problem and then come up with an invention to solve that problem. They had to make a prototype (working or not) for less than $20,... (tags: gifted, j)

29.05.09  Life is a cabaret - Tonight, the music department at the high school held a cabaret night. K played with the concert band and there were also performances by the jazz band and the students from the music classes. We sat at tables and there... (tags: band, k, music)

30.05.09  Piano recital - J's piano recital was held this morning at a local church. There were a lot of performances by children of varying skill levels and they all did a good job. They weren't all perfect but the ones who ran into... (tags: j, piano)

31.05.09  The end of May - Finally, this month is over. June isn't looking nearly as busy. Last week, L made the decision to return to high school for one more year. She put a lot of thought into it and we talked about it quite... (tags: l)