Tuesday tidbits.

I don't like coming up with titles for blog posts. Can you tell?

K won a mini bar fridge in a draw that was related to the sound-a-thon. She's slightly giddy about it.

Ok, I admit it's pretty cool.

Teen drama is made so much worse by Facebook. When I was teenager (back in the dark ages) disputes were settled face to face or via the phone or sometimes in the parking lot. With Facebook in the picture, things can ugly pretty fast if one of the injured parties decides to take it public (so to speak).

And when I say "teen drama", I'm not implying that it's much ado about nothing. Sometimes it is, but sometimes it really really isn't.

J didn't go to school again today. I think he's more or less fine though, and unless he takes a drastic turn for the worse overnight, he's definitely going tomorrow.

Posted by Ripley on April 28, 2009 | Tags: life