Income tax season.

I did our taxes today, finally. Such a pain in the ass but at least they're done.

Before L was born, I worked for an accountant and April and a good part of March were always a crazy time. Working six and sometimes seven days a week, long hours each day.

When I first started working there, in the mid-80s, we had to type the returns, making two copies of each using carbon paper. Then we had to call each client to tell them their returns were ready and give them the good or bad news (if they asked). They would come into the office and sign, we would seal up the envelopes, stick stamps on (if needed), and then either take them to the post office or set them aside to be hand-delivered to Revenue Canada. By the end of April, there was a steady stream of people coming into the office.

It was very tiring but I enjoyed being that busy. Plus, sometimes we had a party after work on the 30th and we always got May 1st off.

Before I left, the returns were being done on the computer and printed out. Not long after, I believe they switched to e-filing. That must have removed an enormous amount of pressure for the office staff.

And for the record: I am not an accountant, I've never been an accountant, I've never even wanted to be an accountant. I just worked for one.

Posted by Ripley on April 29, 2009 | Tags: life before kids

And then you said

I am not sure you realize how much I appreciate that you do this every year. I am pretty sure I would explode if I had to do it. Thank you so much.

Posted by ice on April 30, 2009 5:59 AM

I didn't expect that. Thank you... and you're welcome. :D

Posted by ripley on April 30, 2009 10:26 AM

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