Family update.

Ice left for work this morning at 3am and returned home after 6:30pm. He was a little tired tonight.

L is feeling much better. She sounds like herself again and her sense of humour has returned full force.

K says we can stop picking on her now that L is better. I don't see why that's necessary. Ice and I are fully capable of picking on all three of our children all of the time.

J has decided that the basement is his "quiet zone". I'm not sure why he picked the basement since there are plenty of other rooms in this house that would work just as well.

And me? Still slogging away. Vintage Recipes has over 22,000 entries now and the actual page count for the site is even higher. I have new book reviews coming soon from all three kids and even a few from myself. My ToDo list does not seem to be getting any shorter, however.

Posted by Ripley on April 23, 2009 | Tags: life