A surprise.

Tomorrow, J is competing in the Kiwanis Festival again. The kids have the day off school so the girls are coming along too (let's just pretend they're doing that voluntarily and not because I told them that if I couldn't sleep in, they couldn't sleep in. plus, I think I said something about going out for lunch). The grandparents are also supposed to be there. J is pretty happy about all of that but I think he was a little disappointed that his father wouldn't be able to attend, what with the competition being on a Wednesday.

That is until Ice came home tonight, specifically so he could be there tomorrow.

The kids' shock and confusion was kinda fun to watch. Even the dog was thrown off by his unexpected appearance and wouldn't stop barking until she was sure everyone knew he was home.

Posted by Ripley on April 21, 2009 | Tags: ice, j, music