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01.04.09  April Fool's Day - I didn't spend much time looking around today but, of what I saw, NIN's latest release was my favourite. Watched the series finale of Life on Mars tonight. After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I checked Twitter... (tags: music, tv)

02.04.09  ER - The ER series finale was tonight. I had seen every episode of the show and even though it was long past time, I was sad to see it over. I thought they wrapped it up nicely by not really wrapping... (tags: tv)

03.04.09  My husband - You'd think after 21 years of marriage that this would be dead simple. It wasn't though. Stolen from Violet who did this meme ages ago. 1. He's sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen? Probably a... (tags: ice)

04.04.09  Chocolate martinis - Tonight after dinner, Ice said, "Hey, want a martini?" and it was all downhill from there. We laughed a lot, played a Timesplitters 2 tournament, entertained the kids more than a bit, and created several inside jokes. But when I... (tags: life)

05.04.09  The Trade Mission by Andrew Pyper - About The Trade Mission: A trade mission to Brazil turns into a fight for survival. Also published as Dark Descent. Reviewed by PB. He thought it was an excellent thriller. Full review: The Trade Mission by Andrew Pyper... (tags: book review)

06.04.09  Not a snow day - The kids were not happy, especially L. I believe the word she used was "pissed". The power went out somewhere between 10 and 10:30am and didn't come back on until shortly after noon. I had to shower in the dark.... (tags: weather)

07.04.09  Nothing - The problem with blogging every day is days like this one, where I have absolutely nothing to say. No reviews ready, no memes (not that I looked for any), not even any photos for filler. I'm getting things done with... (tags: life)

08.04.09  Billy Bob - This is being mentioned absolutely everywhere but if you missed it, Billy Bob Thornton and his band were on Q this morning and Billy Bob was, shall we say, uncooperative. My favourite moment of the entire interview was when he... (tags: radio)

09.04.09  Good Friday eve - Apparently Billy Bob stopped in the middle of his set tonight at Massey Hall to call Jian an asshole. Now I'm not a big fan of Jian (he likes the sound of his own voice a little too much) but... (tags: life)

10.04.09  Alice, I Think by Susan Juby - About Alice, I Think: A teenager returns to school after years of being taught at home. Another interview-style review, this time with L!* She thought the book was a fun, light read. Full review: Alice, I Think by Susan... (tags: book review)

11.04.09  Birthday party - My father-in-law is turning 75 on Monday so tonight we all met at a restaurant for dinner. First time in ages that all 25 of us have managed to be in the same place at the same time. My father-in-law's... (tags: birthday, family)

12.04.09  Easter - Although my children are older, they still really enjoy hunting for Easter goodies. Problem is the cat and the dog also really like hunting for Easter goodies. Or anything chocolate, really. So last night, Ice and I had to get... (tags: holiday)

13.04.09  Amazon - On the weekend, someone discovered that sales rankings for some GLBT books had been removed from Amazon (other things too but the books were noticed first). A lot of the research seemed to be centered at Livejournal and the news... (tags: )

14.04.09  Feels like Monday - L was home sick today so we watched a movie in the afternoon, prompting complaints from K&J that I never do that when they're home sick. I told them that was because L complains more (not true, exactly, but they... (tags: life)

15.04.09  Not what I planned - Tonight, the kids and I went to see a play called The Work of Art at the high school. Well, J didn't go because there was a wardrobe issue and it was all rather stressful and rushed. But the play... (tags: hospital, l, theatre)

16.04.09  Don't ask me for directions - L is still feeling pretty miserable, which is to be expected, and still isn't talking very much. She is perfecting her hand gestures to get what she wants though. I had to run some errands today, including picking up L's... (tags: life)

17.04.09  Random Friday stuff - My parents called this afternoon to let me know they were home from Florida and to ask if they could come for a visit. Of course I said yes so they dropped by after supper for a couple of hours,... (tags: life)

18.04.09  Day of reading - Folks are participating in the 24-hour readathon today. I find the idea interesting and it could potentially make a dent in my TBR pile but just thinking about it makes me tired. I think what I actually need is a... (tags: reading)

19.04.09  Sunday, briefly - K put her iPod in the washing machine for a full cycle and (briefly) in the dryer. I told her she can't try to turn it on for at least a day, if not longer, so it has a chance... (tags: k, l)

20.04.09  Needed: upper body strength - When I got up this morning, it was raining hard enough that I knew I'd need to give the kids a ride to school. Just before we were going to leave, K L said the rain had stopped but it... (tags: life)

21.04.09  A surprise - Tomorrow, J is competing in the Kiwanis Festival again. The kids have the day off school so the girls are coming along too (let's just pretend they're doing that voluntarily and not because I told them that if I couldn't... (tags: ice, j, music)

22.04.09  Wednesday, I think - J played piano at the Kiwanis Festival this morning. This was his third year at the competition and the first year that his nerves got the better of him. At least he got up there and did it. After, we... (tags: garage, j, kiwanis, shopping)

23.04.09  Family update - Ice left for work this morning at 3am and returned home after 6:30pm. He was a little tired tonight. L is feeling much better. She sounds like herself again and her sense of humour has returned full force. K says... (tags: life)

24.04.09  Advice for Italian Boys by Anne Giardini - Published: 2009 About Advice for Italian Boys: Nicolo Pavone isn't sure where his life is going but his grandmother is always ready to offer advice. A lovely book with interesting characters, an engaging story, and a satisfying ending. Full... (tags: book review)

25.04.09  Two tiny apps - Texter is a text substitution app that replaces an abbreviation or "hotstring" with text that you define. I've just started using it and I really wish I'd found it earlier. Taskbar Shuffle allows you to rearrange the items in your... (tags: software)

26.04.09  The weekend - On Friday, Ice and I went out for lunch and then stopped at the bookstore. We went in there to buy tickets for an upcoming event and came out with a couple of books too. Our mortgage renewal papers came... (tags: life)

27.04.09  Monday musings - Given the weather forecast and this town's tendency to lose hydro during storms, I should probably make my blog post sooner rather than later. J stayed home from school today. He said earlier that his throat hurt (which was a... (tags: life)

28.04.09  Tuesday tidbits - I don't like coming up with titles for blog posts. Can you tell? K won a mini bar fridge in a draw that was related to the sound-a-thon. She's slightly giddy about it. Ok, I admit it's pretty cool. Teen... (tags: life)

29.04.09  Income tax season - I did our taxes today, finally. Such a pain in the ass but at least they're done. Before L was born, I worked for an accountant and April and a good part of March were always a crazy time. Working... (tags: life before kids)

30.04.09  Four months - It was raining when it was time for the kids to come home from school so I headed out to pick them up. I was waiting at the end of the driveway for a break in traffic when a big... (tags: life)