Today is J's 12th birthday. Because he likes to read about himself on my blog (usually), here are some random items about the day he was born.

With two girls already, I was fully prepared for a third. But I should have known that this baby would be a boy: different day of the month (both girls were born on the same day of their respective months), different hospital, different doctor (mine was on holidays).

I went to my usual hospital but the doctor on call had some concerns and he decided to be cautious and send me to a larger hospital in a neighbouring city. As it turned out, he was overly cautious. Everything was fine.

Once J decided he was ready to be born, he came out so fast that the doctor didn't make it into the room. The nurse caught him instead.

She put him on my stomach, facing me, and it took me several seconds to realize what I was seeing. I turned to Ice and said, "Oh my god. It's a boy!"

We didn't have a name picked out in advance. We talked about it once I was in my room and decided we both liked the name of one of the characters on a soap opera that I watched at the time. So that's what we decided to call him. I told Ice that I hoped J would be just as handsome and successful professionally as this character but that I hoped he would have a better love life.

My brother and his family dropped in later that day. When we told them the name, my sister-in-law said that, on the way to the hospital, my niece and nephew were discussing what they thought we should call the baby. My nephew said he hoped we would call him J, after a famous singer, and my niece said she also hoped we would call him J, but after a different famous singer. How weird is that?

Happy birthday, kiddo!

Posted by Ripley on March 08, 2009 | Tags: j