Gossip Girl.

L received season one of Gossip Girl for Christmas and she, K, and K2 watched the entire thing in about two days. I expressed a mild curiosity about the show and both girls leapt at the chance to watch it again. It took considerably longer but we finished the final episodes the other night.

I have to say that GG is quite possibly the most frustrating show I have ever watched. If/when we watch season two, I want a foam brick so I can throw it at the TV every time someone makes a stupid decision.

I didn't hate it though. And Dan's "man bangs" comment in the final episode made me laugh really really hard.


Posted by Ripley on March 21, 2009

And then you said

I think it was three days actually.

And yes I agree on the foam brick, cept I want a foam dictionary. they're bigger. :)
Man Bangs! yes!

Posted by K on March 22, 2009 10:48 AM

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