Day 3 of Canada Reads 2009.

And Mercy Among the Children is eliminated with three votes against. The other two votes were against The Book of Negroes and The Fat Woman Next Door is Pregnant.

The Outlander is looking strong. It's certainly the most accessible and the least likely to offend anyone. It would be such a Canadian choice.

Avi Lewis took a cheap shot at The Outlander. He said it was a cheap shot before he said it, then apologized for it after. Doesn't make it ok in my book. He is, surprisingly, the frontrunner for the panelist I find most annoying. Although I did find it amusing that he compared The Book of Negroes (the book he is defending!) to Where's Waldo.

I really wish the panelists would pronounce Aminata's name correctly. Hill tells us how it's said on page 3 (Ah-ME-naw-tah) but everyone keeps getting it wrong.

I'm guessing Fruit will go tomorrow, even though it was pretty much ignored today.

Posted by Ripley on March 04, 2009 | Tags: books, canada reads