Day 2 of Canada Reads 2009 and other nonsense.

Today on Canada Reads, Avi Lewis said that The Book of Negroes "never once feels for a second like a historical novel." Seriously, Avi? That's exactly what it feels like and that's what it should feel like.

From the way things are going, I think Mercy will be booted first and Fruit second. Or possibly the other way around but I'm hoping not.

And on to other things...

I made J smile tonight by including him in my Facebook status.

L amused herself by making a story out of the song titles in Tap Tap Revenge 2. Also, "L is making no sense at all tonight and she is aware of it." That is a direct quote from her.

Quite the brilliant marketing campaign U2 are on. But Dave, they're being "kind and generous" by appearing on your show for five nights straight? Give me a break.

And finally, the auto-correction on my iPod Touch is awesome.

Posted by Ripley on March 03, 2009 | Tags: books, canada reads, kids