Blyth Festival 2009.

June 24 to August 15
The Bootblack Orator* by Ted Johns
Stories of life in Huron County during the 1800s.

July 8 to August 14
The Mail Order Bride by Robert Clinton
"When Russell Teeter arrives at the old family homestead to itemize its contents for sale, he meets Harold...whose stories conjure the family ghosts."

July 22 to September 5
Hockey Mom, Hockey Dad by Michael Melski
Divorced dad meets single mom at an arena.

August 5 to September 5
The Nuttalls* by Michael Healey
Mother and son, both compulsive liars, "live together on the shores of Lake Huron in utter domestic discord".

September 8 to 19
Innocence Lost by Beverley Cooper
A return of the play about Steven Truscott. I saw it last year and highly recommend it.

September 15 to 19
Young Company
Last year, the Young Company visited random homes in the community and gathered stories and items that they turned into a play. This year, the YoCos will (apparently) be inviting the community and theatre goers into their world instead. I am always in awe of what these kids are able to create in a month and a bit.

* world premiere

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