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01.03.09  Canada Reads 2009 - Ice and I went to a local version of Canada Reads last night. Brian Francis was there to present his own book, Fruit, and four other people from the area presented the rest of the books. Francis was entertaining and... (tags: books, canada reads)

02.03.09  Crazy neighbour update and the book thing again - When we were watching the news tonight, I mentioned to L that I hadn't heard the crazy neighbour yelling recently. That's when she remembered to tell me that he was arrested. She wasn't sure for what. Day one of Canada... (tags: books, canada reads, neighbours)

03.03.09  Day 2 of Canada Reads 2009 and other nonsense - Today on Canada Reads, Avi Lewis said that The Book of Negroes "never once feels for a second like a historical novel." Seriously, Avi? That's exactly what it feels like and that's what it should feel like. From the way... (tags: books, canada reads, kids)

04.03.09  Day 3 of Canada Reads 2009 - And Mercy Among the Children is eliminated with three votes against. The other two votes were against The Book of Negroes and The Fat Woman Next Door is Pregnant. The Outlander is looking strong. It's certainly the most accessible and... (tags: books, canada reads)

05.03.09  Day 4 of Canada Reads 2009 - After the tie-breaking vote was cast by Sarah Slean, The Fat Woman Next Door Is Pregnant went back on the shelf with three votes against. It was what I hoped would happen but I was still surprised. Also receiving votes... (tags: books, canada reads)

06.03.09  Day 5 of Canada Reads 2009 - The Outlander was eliminated at the top of the show with three votes against. Fruit received the other two votes. I was three for three at that point. It was pretty clear what was going to happen next. Jian said... (tags: books, canada reads)

07.03.09  In a few words - Tomorrow is J's birthday so he's had a friend staying over all weekend. My mom called from Florida last week. They're both fine and keeping very busy. I feel like I've lost an entire day. Not sure why. It's not... (tags: life)

08.03.09  J - Today is J's 12th birthday. Because he likes to read about himself on my blog (usually), here are some random items about the day he was born. With two girls already, I was fully prepared for a third. But I... (tags: j)

09.03.09  Monday minutiae - I got another book in the mail today. Which was great but also increased the pressure. I'm so far behind in my reading. L and I have been making plans for next week. Lots of movie and DVD watching (and... (tags: life)

10.03.09  The Gravesavers by Sheree Fitch - About The Gravesavers: A young girl helps her grandmother protect the graves of people lost in a shipwreck. Reviewed by K. She thought it had a unique storyline. Full review: The Gravesavers by Sheree Fitch... (tags: book review)

11.03.09  In grade 6, no less - Tonight at supper, J said that a boy in his class was talking about a certain notorious video. You know, the one with a couple of females and a drinking vessel. He said the boy started telling everyone what happened... (tags: j)

12.03.09  On amateur book reviewers - In an article in the Globe and Mail titled "How a one-star review can sink a title", Russell Smith writes about amateur book reviews on sites like Amazon and their effect on sales. He suggests that it's not out of... (tags: rant)

13.03.09  Touched By Venom by Janine Cross - About Touched By Venom: Book one of the Dragon Temple Saga Reviewed by Ice. It made him angry but he wants to read the rest of the series. Full review: Touched By Venom by Janine Cross... (tags: book review)

14.03.09  Audio reviews - I've been bugging L for ages to write some book reviews for me. She's reading lots of Canadian authors but I haven't been able to convince her to write anything down. So, for Christmas, I asked for and received a... (tags: books, l)

15.03.09  The Plague by Clem Martini - About The Plague: A plague has killed many crows and Kym has been captured by humans. Book two of Feather and Bone: The Crow Chronicles. Reviewed by K. She highly recommends it. Full review: The Plague by Clem Martini... (tags: book review)

16.03.09  March Break Monday - Earlier, I was playing with various things I found on the floor of K's room (and there are a LOT of things on K's floor). She and J found it really funny when I made the kid from Yu-Gi-Oh (Yugi?)... (tags: march break)

17.03.09  March Break Tuesday - I had to take L and her friends to another friend's house this afternoon. Fortunately it was a really nice day for a drive through the country. K and I wandered around downtown after I got back. Scored some good... (tags: march break)

18.03.09  March Break Wednesday - J was off to his best friend's house for a sleepover so it was girls' night here. There was much silliness and at one point L&K had me laughing so hard that I nearly cried. I think hearing anyone say... (tags: march break)

19.03.09  March Break Thursday - This has been a hard week for finding things to post about. I've had a nearly continuous stream of other people's kids coming and going but other than that, I haven't done a lot. Stayed up until dawn, slept until... (tags: march break)

20.03.09  March Break Friday - Last weekend, I tried convincing Ice that we should finish watching the first half of season 4 of BSG so we could watch the marathon on Space today. He wouldn't go for it which was probably just as well since... (tags: march break)

21.03.09  Gossip Girl - L received season one of Gossip Girl for Christmas and she, K, and K2 watched the entire thing in about two days. I expressed a mild curiosity about the show and both girls leapt at the chance to watch it... (tags: )

22.03.09  Spring is in the air - Ice is on a spring cleaning binge. Today he tackled the garage and it looks great. I can get in and out of the van without worrying about hitting anything with the doors. Went shopping this afternoon and somehow came... (tags: life)

23.03.09  English homework - Everyone survived the first day back to school after the break. Even me. L is working on a major project for English and today we were discussing the books, stories, and poems that would possibly fit the theme she has... (tags: books, l)

24.03.09  Analyzing my blog - According to Typealyzer, the writing style behind my blogging persona is: ESFP – The Performers The entertaining and friendly type. They are especially attuned to pleasure and beauty and like to fill their surroundings with soft fabrics, bright colors and... (tags: blog)

25.03.09  Last.fm - The other day the team behind Last.fm announced that streaming would no longer be free for those who do not live in the U.S., U.K., or Germany. No more streaming your neighbours' music or your friends' or your recommendations or... (tags: music, rant)

26.03.09  Waiting for Sarah by Bruce McBay and James Heneghan - About Waiting for Sarah: An accident took Mike's family and his legs. Life seems pretty miserable until he meets a young girl while working on a school project. I'm trying something different with this review. K and I sat... (tags: book review)

27.03.09  Treasure or trash - When we bought this house, we told the former owner (a retired doctor) that he could leave some things behind if he didn't want them anymore. One of those things was a rather large collection of vinyl albums. Ice is... (tags: music)

28.03.09  I know where my children are - L went with T to his father's place for a birthday party and to meet the relatives. J went to his best friend's place for the night. No special reason; they stay at one house or the other nearly every... (tags: kids)

29.03.09  Junos - I think I have a crush on Michael Buble. Not his music so much, just him. Russell Peters wasn't very funny this year. Dallas Green scared me. Kathleen Edwards looked and sounded lovely. The show wasn't nearly as bad as... (tags: music)

30.03.09  Darkness at the Stroke of Noon by Dennis Richard Murphy - About Darkness at the Stroke of Noon: Two members of a group of researchers are found dead in a remote part of Nunavut and RCMP Sergeant Booker Kennison is sent to investigate. Overall, it was an entertaining book with... (tags: book review)

31.03.09  Blyth Festival 2009 - June 24 to August 15 The Bootblack Orator* by Ted Johns Stories of life in Huron County during the 1800s. July 8 to August 14 The Mail Order Bride by Robert Clinton "When Russell Teeter arrives at the old family... (tags: blyth festival, theatre)