Valentine's day.

L spent the day with her boyfriend and J went to his best friend's birthday party/sleepover so K got to pretend to be an only child for the day. On a whim, we went shopping.

Spent a long time trying out each and every chair at a local office supply store. Those things have so many levers and knobs, it would take me forever to remember which one does what. I couldn't find a chair I loved and I couldn't justify spending a few hundred dollars on something that was just ok so we left without making a purchase. Found a cheap one at a different store that will do for now. I hope.

Then we went to a bunch of other stores and just wandered around looking at this and that. Ice bought some $1 CDs, I bought some yarn for a new afghan which L claims we need, and we spent a fortune on groceries. K is now in charge of making sure that Ice and I never ever go grocery shopping together again.

Then we went out for dinner.

Usually I don't like shopping much but I found it surprisingly relaxing to go just for fun.

Posted by Ripley on February 14, 2009 | Tags: shopping, valentine's day

And then you said

Almost everything done just for fun is relaxing, or at least stress free. :)

Posted by L on February 15, 2009 1:55 PM

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